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Leuze electronic adds Laser Time of Flight Measurement for Exact Positioning or Reliable Object Detection.

Leuze electronic’s new HRTL 96B laser light scanner has been designed for demanding applications including sheet thickness measurement in machining centres, horizontal positioning, overshoot control, compartment occupation

Checks and safeguarding the operation of cranes and material handling systems.

Extension of HRT96 series adding laser, time of flight to the existing range of triangulation or phase measurement sensors.

The principle of time of flight measurement enables the sensor’s use under extreme environmental conditions, such as gloss surfaces, ambient light or interfering contours.

Large scanning range from 50mm to 6 metres.

Fast response less than 5 ms.

Easy configuration and use through ‘teach-in’ and diagnostic functions.

Extending Leuze electronic’s successful HRT96 series, the HRLT96B uses laser, time of flight sensing for challenging positioning tasks and for reliable object detection.

This measurement method provides immunity from nearby light sources, and works with surfaces and contours whether close or distant which would normally interfere with measurement or detection. Typical extreme problems which the sensor overcomes include reflecting foil on pallets and boxes plus different, even dynamic backgrounds, like passing traffic such as transfer trolleys or storage and retrieval units within high-bay warehouses.

Thanks to its large detection range from 50mm to 6 metres, an example application would be to use the sensor within a high-bay storage system for safely positioning pallets onto single, double or multi-depth storage systems. The sensor’s strong black/white detection thresholds, enable the sensor to determine whether a compartment is occupied.

In this example, the sensor replaces the complex, mechanical shelf overshoot controls by inspecting the position of the pallet in the shelf compartment and its protrusion during the store/fetch process, considerably improving reliability – Innovation that saves time and money from Leuze electronic "the sensor people".

The HRTL 96B laser light sensor is very fast and has extremely short response times (< 5ms) and high switching frequencies (100 Hz). Measuring just 30 x 90 x 70 mm, it is extremely small and can thus be used in confined spaces. The sensor can quickly be configured to any particular application, with two independent switching points quickly being taught via a reference value at the touch of a button. The robust metal housing enables its use in dusty environments, and at ambient temperatures ranging from -30 to +50°C. In addition, the sensor has been tested in accordance with IP 69K and Ecolab.

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