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Leuze electronic introduce new new laser distance measurement unit AMS 300i

AMS300i featuring the widest range of Integrated communication protocols

Leuze electronic’s new laser distance measurement unit, the AMS 300i offers a significant increase in features over the extremely successful AMS200 it will replace.

Widely used to determine the precise position of overhead gantry cranes, warehouse picking cranes, or transfer stations and dipping baths, like galvanic plating lines, the current AMS200 is available in two versions. An Interbus version is well established in warehouses serving many of the UK’s supermarkets and a newer version which offers a combination of SSI interface to the drive, along with ProfiBUS to the PLC is used in the latest warehouses and crane applications.

Building upon this success, the AMS 300i offers an extremely wide choice of communication protocols, which includes ProfiNET and ProfiBUS as well as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNET, CANopen, EtherCAT and Ethernet TCP/IO or Interbus.

Despite looking different and due to an illusion looking larger than the AMS200, the new AMS300 has exactly the same distance from the mounting plate to the front of the lens. This combined with the same laser time of flight technology means that the new unit offers a plug and play replacement of the old one. In fact a key differentiator and success factor in the AMS200 was its plug and play ability, which combined with its high accuracy meant that there was no configuration or tuning required when replaced on site, reducing down time of time critical equipment.

As suggested by the unit’s name the AMS 300i can accurately measure at distances of up to 300 metres. Although the AMS200’s high performance meant it was often used at much longer distances than its rated 200m, as warehouses in particular increase in size there is expected to be a demand beyond 250m and hence the development of the unit to 300m.

Because the unit calculates speed itself and it can also be configured with boundary positions, customers report a 30% cost saving in implementation of the overall system compared with competitor units which only provide data on the distance.

Laser Distance Measurement accurate to 300m.

AMS300i featuring the widest range of Integrated communication protocols.

Accurate to 5mm at 300m range, and 2mm at shorter distances.

Laser time of flight measurement.

Works straight out of the box – distance measurement shown on display – no set up.

Integrated speed monitoring – 30% cost saving reported by customers.

Separate ProfiBUS & SSi outputs to the drive & PLC

Adjustable front facing alignment screws on AMS300, whilst fixing of mounting plate is independent and untouched – Easy installation.

Heated Optic version for -30ºC to +40ºC.

Direct replacement for AMS200.

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