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Leuze Electronic introduce new tiny sensor range

Measuring just 23mm x 12mm x 8mm, or half the size of a matchbox, Leuze electronic’s brand new ‘2 Series’ launches with 33 miniature through-beam photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors and diffuse reflection light scanners with ranges of up to 2 metres.

Designed for the detection of small parts, these tiny, but powerful sensors are perfect for applications where the user has a confined space, but needs a highly flexible solution and good performance.

Offering PNP/ NPN output, with light/ dark switching, these new sensors offer high performance from their small, homogenous and highly visible light spot, which is generated by a pin-point LED.

Designed to work faultlessly, despite the challenges of the industrial world, the sensors feature powerful fault suppression to prevent interference from neighbouring sensors. The IP67 rated body features metal mounting bushes so that standard M3 bolts can be firmly tightened down to provide a strong and secure mounting, which in turn increases real-world reliability.

For more information and technical detail visit http://tinyurl.com/Leuze-2-series

The sensors have been designed for typical applications including:

Packaging industry: eg. the detection of glossy objects by use of polarized sensors.

Machine building industry: eg. the detection of small switching cam.

Industrial handling & robotics: eg. the detection of small objects in assembly lines.

Electronics manufacturing: eg. the detection of devices by a pick and place machine.

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