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Leuze electronic latest range of contrast sensors

Contrast sensors, which are also called contrast scanners are a type of sensor widely used in the packaging and print industries for the detection of print marks and in other industries for features like holes in PCBs or counting teeth on gears for example.

Leuze electronic’s latest range of contrast sensors come from a completely new common design platform which has provided a high level of component integration which in turn has created many customer benefits.

The most obvious visually is that the compact design has enabled the KRT 3B contrast scanner to be the smallest in the World and at an affordable price.

Despite its small size, the KRT 3B in common with the stainless steel KRT 55 and the low cost KRT 20B is available in a choice of multicolour RGB or white light versions. In fact the KRT 3B also offers an additional option of laser light to ensure accurate switching in challenging applications.

Another advantage of the common design philosophy is that all of these sensors feature IO-Link to offer full adjustment remotely during start-up, production or during service. For example, sensor calibration is no longer necessary because all of the necessary process parameters for up to thirty configurations can be stored within the sensor. Product changes can therefore easily be made over the IO-Link within a few milliseconds.

An even wider range of diagnostic functions can also be called up via IO-Link because these sensors support the new IO-Link concept where the data is retained. Sensor replacement during service becomes a piece of cake, as all relevant data is automatically backed up and duplicated.

Innovation that saves time and money from Leuze electronic – ‘the sensor people’, the safety experts.

A summary of features for each of the parts is:
KRT 3B contrast scanner – The World’s smallest but also powerful. Three different light transmitters – multicolour, white and red-light laser. EasyTune. Interoperable IO-Link. 14.5mm to 60mm range.

KRT 55B contrast scanner – The food & pharmaceutical industry’s choice – Stainless steel housing with WASH-DOWN design and IP69K ECOLAB / CleanProof+ certification. Multicolour RGB or white light versions. Easy tune or Remote teach. IO-Link.

KRT 20B contrast scanner – The economic choice for most applications – Standard or advanced versions offering an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Robust housing. Multicolour RGB or white light versions. Easy tune or Remote teach. IO-Link.
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