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Leuze electronic sensors extends its electronic assembly plant

Leuze electronic’s strong and extensive product portfolio of sensors for detection, identification and protection relies on the latest technologies and therefore Leuze electronic has substantially extended its electronic assembly plant.

To provide products that are innovative, not only requires the best engineers, but also technically advanced and flexible manufacturing. For that reason Leuze electronic has extended its in-house electronic assembly plant at Unterstadion, which is located half-way between Leuze electronic’s engineering design centres near Stuttgart and Munich.

The extension seen in front of the more traditional looking red tile roofed assembly hall expands electronic module assembly utilising through-hole, surface-mount and thick-film technologies, on single, double or multi-layer, flexible or stiff carriers.

In addition to supplying modules and circuit boards to the assembly plants near Stuttgart, finished products are also assembled at Unterstadion using small batch sizes and flexible manufacturing processes.

For more information on Leuze electronic’s detection, inspection and protection range, please contact Leuze electronic on 01480 408500, info@leuze.co.uk or to view online catalogues visit www.leuze.co.uk

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