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Leuze electronic’s BCL500 Helps Reduce Unread Barcodes.

Leuze electronics BCL500i range of barcode readers with code reconstruction technology reduces the amount of failed barcode reads with the added benefits of configuration via PC web browser.

Leuze electronic have a wide variety of products to help solve challenges in the world of automated systems. One of the product groups is barcode reading technology which Leuze electronic cover with a comprehensive range of both stationary and handheld 1D and 2D code readers.

The high-end 500 series of 1D code readers BCL5xxi comprises seventy two variants including line scanner or oscillating mirrors with interface options including RS232, Ethernet and PROFIBUS.

Making this barcode reader stand out from the crowd is the Code Reconstruction Technology built into every unit. This development allows the barcode to be successfully read at an angle or often even if the code is damaged or soiled. The technology pieces together fragments of the code gathered from several scans and calculates the complete code. This reduces the risk of needing to re-read barcodes or even having to replace damaged or incorrectly mounted labels.

The BCL5xxi range also benefits from easy installation, configuration and use. The unit can be easily mounted using a dovetail clamp which provides numerous positions for it to scan from . Once installed the set up is run on any PC with a web browser and a USB connection, using the web configuration software built into the BCL5xxi unit itself.

Using the built in web configuration software via a web browser on a PC, all the necessary set up options can be configured, including interface parameters and barcode types with the ability to test read barcodes.

Because a demonstration is the best way to see the real-World advantages and benefits of the unit, Leuze electronic welcomes the chance to offer a free-of-charge demonstration in the end-users plant. If you would like to see why the BCL5xxi range is used in some of the best warehouses and factories across the World, contact Leuze electronic’s customer support team on 01480 408500 or info@leuze.co.uk. www.leuze.co.uk.

Leuze electronic ‘the sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing industry leading customer service and products.

The identification product family includes Barcode, 2D Code, Direct Marking & RFID, in a feature rich range which includes innovative features such as code fragment technology, auto-focusing and omni-directional scanning. Extensive interconnectivity options are available including integrated PROFIBUS or CAN protocols.

As a market leader in optical sensors the product range is innovative and extensive. The range covers economical standard sensors to highly individual special solutions, such as laser distance measurement, in fact the best solution for all kinds of applications and industries.

The far-reaching range of machine safety protection includes laser scanners and safety light curtains with integrated AS-i Safe and muting solutions, as well as Robust, and Ex rated versions.

Catalogues, industry specific brochures, technical information, samples and advice are available from the Sales and Customer Support team at Leuze electronic on 01480 408500 or info@leuze.co.uk. www.leuze.co.uk

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