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Leuze electronic’s new photo sensor offers twice the saving.

Leuze electronic’s new HRTR 46B-TEACH photo sensor is in fact two sensors integrated into one housing. This enables it to return two independent switching signals, making it possible to achieve complex tasks such as detecting two location points in for example a storage rack. Doing this with only one sensor instead of two saves cost, space and simplifies installation.

The sensor’s scanning range is adjusted by an innovative ‘site-sensitive’ detection method using a custom semiconductor developed by Leuze electronic. This design means that there are no moving parts within the sensor to made the range adjustments.

The functions of a photosensitive receiver structure and the logical processing are combined within this single semiconductor chip.
Additionally, a new patented evaluation algorithm ensures very robust behaviour even with glossy or extremely dark objects as well as coping with light interference such as from overhead windows and flashing beacons.
Detection reliability has been further increased because more evaluation signals are processed within the new HRTR 46B TEACH sensor than previous standard sensors.

In common with other members of the large 46B family of sensors, high performance and careful design provide robust performance in the difficult real-world challenges Leuze electronic’s sensors excel in.
The inclusion of IO-Link enables configuration, diagnostics and adjustment from the control panel saving lots of time. IO-Link also therefore not only makes commissioning easy, but will also configure a new sensor should the original one be replaced for example due to damage – True ‘plug and play’ replacement.

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