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Leuze electronic’s Safety Laser Scanner guards transfer trolleys

Technological development and economic pressures can provide the means and the expectation for intelligent products to perform several tasks at once. Leuze electronic prides itself in providing intelligent products that are often rich in features, so that the equipment builder can complete the project quicker, easier and save money in the process.

The ROTOSCAN RS4-4M Safety Laser Scanner is a good example of this kind of function integration, with the additional benefits of "Motion Monitoring" and "Distance Measurement" being added to the innovative Safety Laser Scanner .

All ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanners provide two dimensional scanning of user defined areas, providing warning, guarding, and measurement in a uniquely flexible, versatile, and efficient manner across numerous applications and diverse industries.

The RS4soft configuration and diagnosis software that is supplied with the scanners enables zones to be quickly set up to the required safety distances and application, using graphical tools.

Integrated RS232/ RS422, AS-i Safety Interface, or PROFIsafe interfaces and SIL 2 (IEC/EN 61508) and Type 3 (IEC/EN 61496) compliance makes implementation of the ROTOSCAN RS4 family of Safety Laser Scanners quick and easy.

The additional features of the ROTOSCAN RS4-4’M’ relate to "motion", because of this model’s ability to measure speed and distance in addition to its normal function of safety guarding the path of travel. This makes it ideal for mobile applications, such as automated guided vehicles (AGV) or transfer trolleys.

Motion Monitoring
When fitted to an AGV, ‘Motion Monitoring’ allows up to six speeds to be monitored and detection zones dynamically adjusted.

If, for example, a specified speed is exceeded, the detection zone automatically switches to an extended detection zone, enabling the AGV or transfer trolley to move safely at the highest allowable speed. Only the desired speed needs to be specified because the corresponding detection zone contours are calculated automatically using the integrated braking distance interpolation – Technological intelligence making the user’s work easier.

Leuze electronic’s ROTOSCAN RS4-4M is unique in that it eliminates the need for any additional encoders or sensors, because the entire functionality is performed within the scanner itself and communicated to the AGV’s PLC. In most cases this removes the need for a safety PLC, and therefore offers considerable savings in complexity, cost and time.

Distance measuring for precise positioning
The ROTOSCAN RS4-4M’s ability to measure distances to and from defined reference planes such as a reflector or a wall, enable it to precisely determine positions. A transfer trolley can therefore stop exactly where it is supposed to in front of a conveyor belt, without additional sensors.

Compact dimensions, low energy consumption, affordability, and advanced features are typical of Leuze electronic’s products, and the reputation for reliability is especially important for end-users. An example of the robust and reliable operation of the ROTOSCAN RS4-4M is that it is unaffected by people crossing the transfer path in front of the unit, providing they are within the measurement zone, rather than the warning or detection zone.

To aid set up or replacement of a Laser Scanner, the intelligent ConfigPlug device plug, which is compatible with the entire ROTOSCAN RS4 family, permanently stores all the required configuration settings. Therefore, the configuration plug enables a new device to be configured quickly and with no problems whatsoever. Safety technology has to be this easy today.

In a busy factory the ability to dynamically set warning and guarding zones according to the direction of travel, the speed and the activity of the AGV, enables it to run at its maximum safe speed and efficiency.

Reliable manufacture and design and robust functionality ensures high machine availability and efficiency. Integrated communications and additional functions provide user benefits, cost savings and efficiency.

The ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanner family from Leuze electronic – "the sensor people"

ROTOSCAN RS4-4M animated film
If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is hopefully better than these 600 words. Therefore a video animation showing a transfer trolley and the ROTOSCAN RS4-4M for precise positioning on a conveyor line is available at www.leuze.com/rs4m.

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