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Licence Link from CFC Solutions undated with new look and feel

Enhancements have been made to improve the look and feel of CFC’s Licence Link software, which has proven to be the fastest selling product that the company has launched in its three decades in business.

Licence Link, which is designed to make duty of care driving licence checks for car, van and truck fleets as easy as possible, has beaten its original sales forecast by more than double since its launch in early 2009. While CFC keeps exact sales figures secret for commercial reasons, it is now in use by hundreds of fleets.

The product enables employers to check directly with the DVLA whether drivers operating on company business have any points on their licence and what offences have been committed through a simple-to-use web based system.

Neville Briggs, managing director at CFC, said: "Licence Link is a product that seems to have hit a sweet spot in the market and continues to be rapidly adopted by all kinds of fleets in all kinds of sectors of industry as an efficient way to help them fulfil their risk management responsibilities.

"The key strengths of the product – its effectiveness, its simplicity, its ease of adoption and its delivery through free software – all mean that it has become the licence checking tool of choice for hundreds of fleets and the latest enhancements that we have made only add to its appeal to fleet users."

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