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Lift Mates launch helps reduce manual handling injuries

Staff working in the warehousing and logistics sector can now reduce the threat of manual handling injuries in the workplace thanks to the launch of Lift Mates™.

The launch of the lightweight and simple to use Solo Lift™ and Dual Lift™ products, means staff, who are repeatedly lifting and carrying boxes and packages, can not only work more safely, but reduce the threat of injuries associated with repetitive handling and lifting.

Solo Lift™ incorporates a trigger grip system that allows boxes to be lifted and carried easily and effectively using only one hand and minimal grip pressure. It removes the need for the strain of 'under box' lifting and reduces the likelihood of a slip, trip or fall brought about by the obscured view of carrying a box.

For those people dealing with bulkier packaging, the two handed Dual Lift™ system provides two highly effective, detachable, temporary handles that not only provide superb grip, but allow the user to lift keeping their shoulders level and back straight, reducing the likelihood of common manual handling and musculoskeletal injuries.

Both systems, housed in holsters fastened to a workers belt, use a series of short spikes to securely and effectively grip the boxes that need to be carried or moved, eliminating unnecessary bending and promoting good lifting practice within established Manual Handling Regulations.

The Solo and Dual Lift™ are designed for people who regularly lift and carry boxes. By the nature of the job and the repetitive strain of bending and twisting, people handling boxes are at an increased risk of suffering musculoskeletal injury. These low cost tools can make a significant contribution to safer handling.

“With an estimated 12.3 million working days lost every year to musculokeletal injuries, many of which are brought about by the strain of repetitive lifting and carrying, employers need to ensure they are doing all they can to reduce lifting associated injuries.

“Until now people lifting individual boxes have had very little alternative but to lift them manually. Solo and Dual Lift™ makes box lifting and carrying not only easier but much safer,” said Roger Grimshaw of Grip-It UK.

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