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Lightweight pallet trucks to prevent back strain for employees

Injuries that occur as a result of muscle strain in the back or the shoulders are one of the most common types of workplace injury that can befall an employee, and this is especially true for those who manoeuvre heavy pallet trucks around a busy workplace all day, every day. One in five of all workplace injury complaints are related to back pain, with the manual handling industry being one of the largest culprits. Pallet trucks are constructed entirely for the purposes of moving heavy loads from A to B, and so it follows that the actual construction of the trucks should be as lightweight as possible, not only to ensure that there is no unnecessary weight added to an already heavy cargo, but also to drastically cut the chances of complaints such as back or muscle strain.

Using a lightweight hand pallet truck is paramount to ensuring staff safety without compromising on high quality. Trucks such as the i-ton 1000 Hand Pallet Truck offer a piece of equipment that weighs in at just 38kg, yet can carry up to 1000kg safely and easily. This is due to a highly advanced Techno-polymer compound, a lightweight material that is as rigid and robust as the steel which pallet trucks are normally constructed from. The material also protects from external corrosive agents such as water or harsh chemicals, in much the same way as a galvanized or stainless steel pallet truck might. The operating lever which controls the lifting mechanism of the truck can be used with both right and left hands, and the hydraulic pump elevates the truck to its highest height in just three strokes; both of these mechanisms combine with the incredibly lightweight nature of the truck to make it extremely easy and safe for staff to use without picking up a strain or muscle complaint.

For smaller loads and even smaller spaces, the ML0308 Portable Folding Pallet Truck weighs in at just 26kg and when not in use, it can be easily stored by being hung up on a wall or on the side of a cupboard. Despite its incredible lightweight construction, it can still safely carry and lift up to 300kg of cargo, and like many other trucks which boast lightweight credentials, can be used within a van or truck to truly take the strain off employees for a while.

When using lightweight pallet trucks in a car, truck or other form of transport, it is vital that they are used in conjunction with a pallet truck chock, which works by immobilising the rear wheels of a truck and ensuring that they can’t roll off the edge of a loading bay or truck bed. As well as providing extra security for the items within the truck, pallet truck chocks also help to protect staff members against the dreaded back strain by enabling them to place the truck into the van without risking an injury in turning it onto its side or lifting it into a tyre.

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