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Lightweight & Portable hoists and winches

As well as hoists and cranes with load capacities up to 100 tonnes, J D Neuhaus Ltd are also able to offer a wide range of compact lifting equipment that is lightweight enough to provide portable material handling capabilities to comply with current safety and working practice regulations.

Equipment having all-up weights from 1.6kg ranging up to approximately 30kg can be supplied, providing lift height/pulls of 2.5 or 3 metres as standard and suitable for use in a hire fleet range. Where non-standard lifts are specified, then some minor adjustments to overall weights can be anticipated.

Within the air-operated range of equipment, which is Ex rated for use in explosive or other hazardous environments, are four JDN Mini series hoists with lift capacities from 125 to 960kg. These have individual weights ranging from 9.5 to 23kg and with a mini manipulator fitted, loads can be single-handedly lifted, lowered or traversed. Mini hoists rated at 125 or 250kg SWL can also be supplied as portable boxed units, incorporating pendant control with 6 metres connection hose and 3 metres lift height. These sturdy boxed units weigh a comfortable 10.5kg, and are supplied complete with documentation. The contents are protected against humidity and dirt, ideal for use on construction sites or wherever relocation is necessitated.

Three hoist models in the Profi Ti range (suitable for 4 or 6 bar air-pressure operation) offer lift capacities of 0.25, 0.5 or 1 tonne at weights of 27 or 28kg, with a fourth 2 tonne lift model also available at only 34kg.

Two air operated winches can also be supplied, the Profi 500-1 lifter at 29.3kg and the Profi 800-1 puller at 31.2kg.

Also available in their electric or manually operated range are Kito products, including the ED series single phase power hoists. Single or dual speed versions are available with load capacities from 60 – 480kg, all at weights of 25kg or less. The Kito LX hand lever hoists are eminently compact and portable with single step reduction gear box for low hand pull force, offering 250 or 500kg SWL and weighing in at 1.6 and 2.6kg respectively. Another lightweight Kito unit is the CX manual chain hoist at only 2.4kg in weight, but with a full 250kg lifting power. All these portable products are available ex stock.

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e-mail: info@jdneuhaus.co.uk www.jdneuhaus.co.uk

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