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Linde Material Handling launches automated guided cart

Linde Material Handling launches automated guided cart

Linde Material Handling, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of forklift trucks, has launched the Linde C-MATIC; a new automated guided cart (AGC) designed to improve production logistics.

The C-MATIC is designed to move parts to a production line and to transport goods through the warehouse.

The vehicle can move loads weighing up to 650kg and can take them to their destination at a maximum speed of 3kpm on a fixed travel route.

At the pick-up point, the cart drives underneath the waiting trolley and docks securely via an extendable pin hook.

The C-MATIC moves autonomously using magnetic tape, which can be installed or replaced quickly and easily.

The movement of the AGC is defined by radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags which are placed under the magnetic tape.

The actions corresponding to the movement codes are programmed via software during installation. These can be tailored to particular circumstances, for example, the speed can be reduced in places where pedestrians cross the C-MATIC’s path.

The AGC detects people and obstacles and stops automatically, due to the built-in safety laser scanner with a 3-metre radius and a scanning angle of 270 degrees.

The cart is equipped with an emergency stop button on the front and an acoustic warning system. These features are designed to ensure maximum safety when using the cart in the warehouse.

One notable advantage of the Linde C-MATIC, which makes is an effective material handling solution, is its endurance. It can work up to 16 hours without needing to change the battery.

Charging is carried out conveniently via an onboard charger at a 230-volt socket and can be charged outside of operating hours.

After eight hours of charging, the gel batteries are fully operational again.

For companies with a three-shift system, Linde offers an optional battery exchange system with an external charger.

Tobias Zierhut, vice president of product management of industrial trucks at Linde Material Handling, said: “With the Linde C-MATIC, we are launching an AGC solution which can be integrated flexibly and effectively into existing warehouse processes.

“Specifically designed for supply to production lines, our customers benefit from easy usage, maximum reliability and enhanced productivity.

“Equipped with all the necessary safety features, this new product fits in with Linde’s integrated safety concept ‘Vision Zero – Safety in your world’, which aims to reduce the number of accidents in the goods handling industry.

“This automated cart is our reaction to the growing demand for automated solutions in material handling. The Linde C-MATIC is just the beginning; further product developments in this direction are to be expected.”

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