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Linear ball bearings in fashion

Shaft support bearings are needed for a variety of applications — and so a wide range of suitable high-quality products are also required. The MISUMI sales department has experienced an increase in demand in day-to-day business during the first half of 2011. As a result of this, the Japanese specialist in standard, purchased and custom-made parts is now presenting its current portfolio in detail.

The company offers 308 types of linear ball bearing in total. The types available include short, standard, medium, double and long lengths. Depending on the area of application, they are also available as direct variants or with standard, medium or guiding flange. In terms of the outer diameter, MISUMI offers both standard and compact designs and, for more delicate applications, miniature ball bearings with flanges (one length, standard design) are also available.

In addition to the linear ball bearings, optimally designed housings in wide or long designs as well as shafts with a perfect fit are also available.
Different materials can be selected according to the operating and/or ambient conditions, and the surfaces of components can be coated to provide increased protection against corrosion if desired. As well as chemical nickel plating, MISUMI also offers low-temperature black chrome plating for many products. Using LTBC plating technology with layer strengths in the µm range, the component geometries are not altered and the original material properties are fully retained. An alloyed black surface is formed as a result of an electrochemical reaction below 0°C — this surface not only achieves especially good results in the salt spray test, but also meets requirements for minimised reflection.

The MX series is equipped with an integrated lubricant reservoir, which ensures a particularly long service life. In a 24-hour comparative test with a normal LMU-12 ball lining, a travelling distance of 1168 km, which is almost 700 km longer, could be achieved by using the MX model. This also means that the rated life of the linear ball bearing with a lubricant reservoir is increased by 2.5 times.

All products are manufactured within the group. As part of the quality control process, products undergo a variety of test steps. These steps include monitoring the inner and outer diameter of the housing, a final check of the inner diameter and a final check of the running performance. This enables MISUMI to guarantee the highest possible quality in practice.
In response to demand, MISUMI has boosted stocks in the European central warehouse: 72 types are currently available for delivery within two working days. The remaining 236 types are in stock in Japan and are available for delivery within six working days.

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