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Link 51 helps to maximise capacity and efficiency

Without stacking at Ardex. A four fold increase in warehouse storage capacity has resulted directly from a Link 51 push-back and live pallet racking installation now completed for one of the main Ardex Group companies in Haverhill, Suffolk. Not only has this contributed to increased warehousing efficiency but it has also enabled the organisation to 'maximise the cube' of the existing facility – seen as a pre-condition for the construction of a new warehouse alongside.

Ardex has developed a leading reputation for the supply of premium products for the building industry including tiling and flooring materials, screed and adhesives. Many of these are stored in bag and container form which, as Operations Director Paul Goldspink explains, can make it difficult to floor stack multiple pallets, with effective pallet racking thus providing the optimum alternative –

“The use of Link 51 push-back and live racking has helped us address this issue while also ensuring that the maximum amount of warehouse floor space is given over to palletised storage rather than aisle access,” he explains.

“The push-back installation features a series of full width rollers set at a five degree gradient with existing pallets moving backwards as new units are introduced. This has proven ideal for our raw material and paper bag storage as well as for liquids, primers and ad-mixtures,” he says. “Similar benefits are noted in the live racking area which is dedicated to our ready for use adhesives that are held in buckets and therefore also cannot be easily stacked.”

The Link 51 installations are located at key material movement points around the premises and, with the push-back racking, provide up to four levels of storage access. Typically pallets weighing up to one tonne are held in storage with the design able to accommodate both standard four-way Euro-pallets as well as specific two-way alternatives used by the Ardex Group.

“The design means we are now able to achieve up to some 80% optimisation of our storage space which has impacted directly on improved housekeeping,” continues Paul Goldspink. “Handling efficiency and general warehouse tidiness have both been enhanced and, because the requirement to make the most of the capacity within the existing facility was realised, the decision to construct the new warehouse extension alongside became more clear-cut,” he continues, explaining that Link 51 racking is also a key element here.

“The push-back racking and live storage designs are ideal for this type of application,” comments Link 51's Regional Sales Manager Andy Millward. “The benefits of high density storage coupled with the need for regular access defines the storage requirements at Ardex and we believe the use of our durable, robust raking design has enabled the organisation to benefit from the optimum storage solution.”

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