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Link 51 mezzanine and two tier structures help retail customers look up

The versatile design of Link 51's mezzanine systems and the support service and experience behind each installation can provide significant opportunities for the retail sector – avoiding investment in re-build facilities or even relocation. As everybody involved in this sector looks to maximise available space, the benefits arising from either a Link 51 mezzanine installation or a two-tier storage facility are increasingly well recognised.

Additional sales area or an enhancement of back of house operations can both gain from Link 51's involvement in this field. Link 51 will manage the installation throughout the lifecycle of the project, from the survey and design phase, through planning and building regulation application, to manufacture and installation. Fire protection, lighting and accommodation, and a range of stairways to meet the applicable building regulation offer further options.

Where installation of a mezzanine floor is not permitted or is cost prohibitive, a Link 51 two-tier storage system may offer a viable alternative.

Whilst the use of a single floor mezzanine can often meet growing retail sales area needs, in a back-of-store location Link 51's two-tier shelving design can offer the optimum means of creating additional storage space within the dimensions of a particular building. Because the concept incorporates a built-in floor and access stairways, the maximum possible space can be dedicated to providing storage – again enhancing the ability of the Link 51 design to make the most of a customer's existing premises.

With ever increasing pressure on retailers to maximise the return on each square foot of their premises, and with space opportunities often most apparent vertically, the use of a mezzanine or two-tier structure is increasingly beneficial.

“Our core business approach is a focus on the retail sector – working in partnership with many of the UK and international retailers, nationally and internationally. We handle multiple large roll out programs and deliver solutions to thousands of locations each year,” comments Andy Orton, Link 51's Retail Team Manager.

Link 51 is the UK's leading storage equipment manufacturer and is part of Whittan Storage Systems – the UK based, pan-European, storage-focused manufacturing group. Other group companies include Link Lockers, Moresecure,
N C Brown, Polypal and Permar.

Whittan Storage Systems group supplies products and services across the Continent and indeed, further afield, with sales of some £130 million and a workforce of over 1000. Through manufacturing facilities in four countries and sales operations in six, all Whittan Storage Systems' customers benefit from its commitment to its core business.

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