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Link 51 shelving helps textile and homeware retail specialist

maximise distribution efficiency.
Nationwide clothing and homeware retailer QS Stores has enhanced its central warehousing and distribution facility – with the help of versatile shelving installations from the UK's leading supplier, Link 51. The QS Group – which is currently undergoing a major re-branding of its 205 stores to 'Store 21' – has made the investment in its Solihull-based distribution centre. The move is now allowing it to react with high levels of accuracy to precise shop requirements and is helping to ensure its ability to meet changing retail demand is maximised.

The new warehouse makes the most of the existing structural mezzanine upon which both Link 51 Euro-shelving and Stormor shelving systems are now installed. These provide a large number of individual picking locations, to two precise dimensions, through which the operators can access individual clothing or homeware items.

“The picking locations operate in conjunction with bulk facilities – some of which are located immediately underneath the Euro-shelving, but with a much larger stock-holding on the floor underneath the mezzanine,” explains QS Group Commercial Director, Anupam Jhunjhunwala. “This means that we can now assemble shipping loads that meet exact shop call-off requirements, which gives the organisation the flexibility it requires to maintain optimum stocking at the Store 21 outlets throughout the country.”

“The durability of the Euro-shelving design and the versatility of its Stormor stablemate were key elements in the specification,” comments Link 51's Retail Team Manager, Andy Orton. “A series of Euro-shelving aisles are surrounded by runs of Stormor located along the perimeter of the mezzanine structure with full accessibility throughout for the operators' hand pallet trucks and trolleys. We have also installed mesh backing to the shelving as an additional safety measure whilst the same mesh design has created a secure area within which the organisation can store items such as jewellery and perfume products,” he concludes.

In a highly competitive sector of the retail industry, it is clearly vital that the Store 21 brand is able to react to demand quickly and accurately. The warehouse refurbishment in Solihull, with the Link 51 shelving systems at its centre, is clearly making a major contribution to this important objective.

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