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LINPAC Allibert showcases potential of Helix liquid storage range

LINPAC Allibert’s Helix Liquid Solutions has launched a new website and product selection tool to explain the options available in the liquid storage range and to help customers select the right product for applications as diverse as hazardous chemicals storage and the safe containment of foodstuffs.

The easy-to-use website www.helixtanks.com provides a detailed overview of each product and its capabilities and covers bulk storage containers, tanks, dosing solutions, flooring and anti-spill products. It also features a calculator tool to help users select the right size container for their needs.

LINPAC Allibert’s Helix range is used for storing more than 400 million litres of corrosive liquids throughout Europe and has established expertise and services to ensure that customers properly manage the risks involved in storing liquids.

Roger Andrews, sales manager at Helix Liquid Solutions, explains: "We have over 30 years’ experience designing and developing bulk and semi-bulk containers for industries as diverse as food and drink, oil, pharmaceuticals, chemical and waste. Corrosion resistant, maintenance-free and compliant with the latest legislation, when combined with our spill control products and corrosion resistant and anti-slip flooring, they provide a complete solution for our customers in a diverse range of applications.

"This new website walks customers through the wide range of products and services available and provides a valuable technical tool to help them identify the right products for their needs. It also gives us a platform to share updates with customers on new products and services online in the future. "

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