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LINPAC Allibert supply RFID enabled plastic returnable packaging to Norsk Lastbaerer Pool

LINPAC Allibert, global expert in plastic returnable transit packaging, is helping Norway’s leading pallet and tray pool operator for the grocery sector, Norsk Lastbaerer Pool (NLP), to reduce losses and boost efficiency in its fleet operations.

NLP was set up by Norway’s two leading grocery trade associations, representing both suppliers and retailers, to deliver cost-effective and environmentally-friendly return and re-use systems for returnable containers and pallets in the Norwegian grocery industry.

LINPAC Allibert’s RFID-enabled Maxinest+ produce trays are helping NLP customers to benefit from faster supply chain trip cycles, accurate ‘real-time’ inventory and reduced losses.

Details of supplier, content, customer location, washing and delivery schedules are input into RFID tags at the distribution centre. The receiver scans the crates and pallets through an RFID portal to access all information which is automatically sent through to the ERP system. NLP’s asset management system ensures that the precise quantity of trays is delivered to the right place at the right time.

LINPAC Allibert’s new line-side production of RFID-enabled distribution containers and produce trays has not only led to improved production efficiencies and greater reliability, but has also enabled customers to input data to their inventory prior to receipt, resulting in much faster processing of stock.

Two water and shock-resistant RFID tags are applied at the point of manufacture and the RFID-enabled trays are then individually validated by a test reader before being palletised. The full pallet loads then pass through a portal which records quantity and acts as a fail-safe check that the tags are working.

Customers receive the serial numbers by email for upload onto their system. This provides an instant quantity check at delivery and allows the quality-assured trays to be released directly into the supply chain. The owners of the containers can have their logo along with barcode printed on the outside, allowing the container to be easily identified and tracked at every point in the supply chain.

The new trays are a vital part of NLP’s RFID rental package, which is designed to optimise efficiency and cost savings for the customer and avoid the need for investment in expensive equipment and training. This new system is able to deliver a complete return on investment within a matter of weeks.

Mikael Ruotsalainen, LINPAC Allibert’s sales manager for Scandinavia explains: "Our RFID enabled containers are proving to be a vital component in helping our customers to manage cost out of the supply chain. By improving process efficiency and minimising losses they achieve payback within a very short space of time. This combined with the durability and flexibility of our containers, makes them a vital part of hard-working supply chains that need to demonstrate efficiency at every stage."

Ragnar Strand, Managing Director at NLP, added: "As a company, we are committed to designing the best solutions for our customers and LINPAC Allibert’s trays play a key role in the performance of our pool operations."

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