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Linpac fixes it for Silverline Tools

As one of the UK's fastest growing manufacturers of hand and power tools, the Silverline Tools company has undergone rapid expansion. Based in Yeovil, the company has a purpose built office and warehouse complex which has recently been extended by 3,000m2 . The high density storage solution for the new extension was supplied by LINPAC Storage Systems, who were selected for their design expertise and cost effective products.

With over 12,000 pallets of Silverline branded products to be stored in the busy new facility, LINPAC recommended a 16.6m high Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) pallet racking system. The racking maximises the use of cubic area within the warehouse allowing four pallets per square metre of storage space.

The thirteen aisles have been designed to suit specialist narrow aisle trucks which provide up to 50% saving in aisle width compared to counter balance trucks. VNA racking also offers the additional benefit of stacking height – in Silverline Tools the pallets reach right up to the roof at 17 metres.

At the end of each aisle, high level cantilever pick and deposit stations facilitate the efficient handling of pallets into and out of the VNA system, providing valuable extra storage. This is especially important to Silverline Tools as the company carries high stock reserves to enable it to supply ex-stock and offer a next day delivery service.

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