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Graham's Toiletries, the company behind the expanding Bodycare retail shops, has recently opened a purpose built warehouse and distribution centre (DC) in Chorley, Lancashire. The contract to supply the semi-automated storage for the new facility was awarded to Univeyor who selected LINPAC Storage Systems to provide the narrow aisle racking section of the solution.

“LINPAC is established as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of storage systems,” said Mike Vernon, general manager of Univeyor. “When it came to making a decision on who to use for the racking, the decision was made on the grounds of quality; the quality of LINPAC's people, the quality of their quotation and their products.”

The warehouse and DC operates as a highly efficient cross-docking operation. Goods are delivered in, processed, and sent out to the network of shops, all within the shortest possible time frame.

On one side of the warehouse there is a four level, multi-tier mezzanine with a network of conveyors which speed up the pick and delivery process.
A large bulk store is situated on the other side of the warehouse; here pallets are stored in LINPAC's narrow aisle racking which rises to a height of
16 metres.

Product that was previously block stacked on the floor is now placed into the 12 aisles of single deep racking. To maximise storage capacity the racking has been built around the central row of columns which form the
structure of the building. In total there are over 11,000 locations providing efficient, cost-effective storage for the wide variety of Graham's products.

Wire guided narrow aisle trucks manoeuvre the pallets within the racking system and LINPAC has designed and installed two bridges to provide a versatile out feed from the racking into the top two levels of the mezzanine. The bridges are rack supported at one end, and by the mezzanine at the other end.

The new warehouse and DC represent a major investment by Graham's toiletries and provide a quantum leap in terms of the expansion of the company. Formed in 1970 by Graham and Margaret Blackledge, Graham's now operates 122 Bodycare shops, all located north of the M25, reaching up into Scotland as far as Dundee.

For further information regarding the LINPAC range of high performance racking and shelving contact LINPAC Storage Systems, Garamonde Drive, Wymbush, Milton Keynes MK8 8ND telephone: 01908 561222, Fax: 01908 567455 e-mail: solutions@linpac-storagesystems.com
Web: www.linpac-storagesystems.com

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