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LINPAC wins bid for Gist Warehouse

Servicing 300 stores and depots in the South of England, the Woolworths Group's new seasonal distribution centre is located in Marsh Leys, Bedford. Operated by Gist, the large facility has an impressive footprint of 445,000 sq ft and a staff level that rises to 250 in the run-up to Christmas.

LINPAC Storage Systems was selected by the Gist Project Team as the preferred storage equipment supplier for the entire project following a detailed appraisal of competitive equipment.

Nick Hall, Project Manager for Gist comments, “Although price was a factor, the most important criteria were the ability to manufacture, deliver and install a large-scale storage solution within a tight deadline. We made the decision to use LINPAC Storage Systems because we were confident with all aspects of their business; their production facilities, infrastructure, support and project management capabilities.”

The result is an extensive pallet racking solution for 47,000 pallets with a mixture of both wide aisle and narrow aisle configurations to give Woolworths the optimum storage density to meet their operational needs.

Inside the vast structure there is a total of 59 double and 5 single runs of racking. The wide aisle racking has storage on six beam levels rising to a height of 12 metres. Tubular barriers protect the ends of the runs and anti-collapse mesh has been installed to prevent pallets being pushed out of the system. LINPAC has also erected a steel mesh secure area within the wide aisle racking for high value items.

The narrow aisle storage has been equipped with high level cantilever pick and deposit stations to facilitate the efficient handling of pallets into and out of the VNA system. Over 18,000 pallets are stored in this section of the warehouse.

“We were very pleased to get the storage solution completed to such a high standard.” Hall concludes. “LINPAC Storage Systems finished the work ahead of schedule, in what was a very tight programme. They kept the project on time by careful integration with other suppliers on site – their project management skills were excellent.”

For further information regarding the LINPAC range of high performance racking and shelving contact LINPAC Storage Systems, Garamonde Drive, Wymbush, Milton Keynes MK8 8ND
telephone:01908 561222,
Fax: 01908 567455
e-mail: solutions@linpac-storagesystems.com
Web: www.linpac-storagesystems.com

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