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Linpacs Flipperdolly takes internacional stage

12 October 2006…. The UK's fastest growing high street chain, Internaçionale has dramatically reduced its spend on cardboard and wastage by investing in LINPAC's attached lid containers (ALCs) and FLIPPERdolly products. This new system offers massive equipment cost savings to its users.

The unique design and versatility of the attached lid containers means they can be carried either full and stacked or empty and nested, eliminating the need for using two different types of dolly or additional handling equipment.

The combined use of LMH's ALC's and innovative FLIPPERdolly system has enabled Internaçionale to achieve substantial supply chain savings. Traditionally two dollies might be used to transport ALCs, one for full containers and another for empty and nested containers, which demand a larger footprint. The ingenious 'flipper' mechanism in the FLIPPERdolly temporarily widens the dolly's footprint, allowing it to carry empty nested containers and then retracts once more when stacked boxes are carried.

By using just one dolly, multiple attached lid containers can be carried within the warehouse – whether they are full on the outward journey, returned to the company empty, or just moved around internally. In addition to the company's efficiency drive in reducing wastage, Internaçionale is also driven to achieve optimum efficiency in its security policy.

Graham Clements, Logistics Director was quick to recognise the positive differences that using plastic products has made to his operation: “The biggest benefit since bringing in LINPAC's plastic containers is the huge reduction in cardboard waste. In the first six months of transferring to LINPAC products, they have more than paid for themselves. We have dramatically reduced our traditional packaging and wastage costs and increased productivity in our materials handling.”

Each ALC includes a secure and lockable system that can be tracked at every stage of the journey. When the lid flaps of the containers are closed with security straps, ties, or clips, it is impossible for anyone to insert their hands in to the containers and withdraw the contents. This innovative security system will aid Internaçionale's goal in achieving 100% security on its store deliveries.

The fashion chain which also includes Au Naturale, the home wares section of the business was buying masses of cardboard packaging plus paying landfill costs for the wastage before opting for LINPAC's products.

Overall benefits

One dolly suits all
Improved Health & Safety
Compatible with automated handling systems
Ergonomic design
Improved product protection
Uniform look to the supply chain
Positive operative feedback
For further product information please contact LINPAC Materials Handling on +44 (0)1922 726060 or visit www.lmhglobal.com

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