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Linroyale Potatoes buy British with a Cartwright Insuliner

Linroyale Potatoes, an independent family business specialising in the washing, grading and packing of quality potatoes, has recently ordered two Cartwright insulated curtainsiders (insuliners) to add to its substantial fleet. The company depends on reliable temperature-controlled trailers to be able to deliver a wide range of potatoes including bakers, King Edwards and salad punnets.

Produce like Linroyale’s seed potatoes are most vulnerable in transit and the fridge prevents them from overheating or even cooking due to the heat generated as the trailers are on the move. The Cartwright name is synonymous with building high quality temperature-controlled trailers, so the choice was obvious when looking for a new supplier.

The new trailers, both 13.6 metre tri-axle insuliners, are of postless design with an ISO 1496 standard floor and a ThermoKing SLXi300 single temperature fridge fitted to the bulkhead. The specification also includes full thickness insulated doors mounted in a stainless-steel fridge rear door frame.

Ian Clark Director, of Linroyale Potatoes, commented: “We will be using the new Cartwright curtainsider trailers for multi-drop work for a variety of our products.

“We researched the market and Cartwright is one of the few manufacturers who can build insuliners like this.

“As far as we were concerned there was only one manufacturer to go for and that was Cartwright, a British built insulated curtainsider.

“In fact, we have been so pleased that we have made a further order,” he added.

Linroyale Potatoes is one of the UK’s leading companies in its sector, offering 47 different products for retail and food services. Cartwright developed their insuliner to maximise cold air distribution through generations of development, a critical success factor for their operation with potatoes having to travel for up to 8 hours without spoiling.

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