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Lionic a pioneering system that’s energising UK industry

Businesses that rely on top-class energy systems to keep their operations running smoothly are facing a tough challenge when it comes to reducing emissions and reigning in operational costs.

Benning Power Electronics has developed Lionic, a pioneering lithium-ion battery for the materials handling industry. The highly efficient energy system outperforms traditional lead-acid batteries, with dual benefits of lowering costs and protecting the environment.

"No gassing, no spillage and no manual handling substantially reduce the health and safety risks compared to the use of traditional lead acid batteries whilst a typical return on investment of two years and a 27% reduction in the total cost of ownership over 5 years, make the Lionic Lithium-ion energy system a sound business proposition" says Neil Claessens, Sales Director at Benning Power Electronics.

In comparison to lead-acid batteries, Lionic batteries are up to 30 per cent more energy efficient and maintenance-free, so they don’t require topping up with water on a weekly basis. The batteries are long life and, thanks to a unique opportunity charging function that operates during breaks, no second battery is required. Lionic batteries can also be charged anywhere on-site, with no need to invest in an expensive central battery charging room; all of these features help reduce maintenance costs by up to 75 per cent and battery handling costs by up to 60%.

The Lionic lithium-ion battery has been developed for use in battery-powered industrial trucks such as forklifts, and can be easily integrated in place of a lead acid battery without alteration to the truck. Lionic batteries also communicate directly with specially designed maintenance software, which means businesses can easily monitor the health of their truck fleet.

Finally, recyclable Lionic batteries are emission-free which is great for businesses in the food trade and those who use refrigerated warehouses.

For environmentally conscious businesses focused on future growth, the Lionic energy system offers a pioneering solution that could transform the materials handling industry.

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