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Engineered Solutions (Projects) is one of the U.K’s leading suppliers of material handling equipment and storage systems specialising in racking, shelving, workbenches, lockers, mezzanine floors, steel cabinets, forklift attachments, conveyors, industrial doors, pallet trucks, storage boxes, sack trucks and industrial storage tents, all available for purchase from our online warehouse. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a personal touch to every material handling or storage system need. We began this website to enable our customers to browse at their leisure what we offer as a company. This does not mean we have forgotten how important customer service is. That is why we offer a guaranteed two hour response to any email queries and there is always someone at the end of the phone to answer your questions. This online shop is merely a selection of what we can do. We also provide technical solutions to virtually unsolvable problems to make your business work better for you. We have three other websites: – this is a free information site about how to get your business at a maximum output. – any problem, any query, any time! – a trade only based site.

Our History – It’s in our blood!

150 Years in Engineering. For many generations we have been inextricably linked with some of the biggest engineering projects the U.K. has commissioned. In around 1860 my ancestors were building harbours and canals and a truck and trolley maker was leading the field in Berlin manufacturing handling equipment for the industrial heartlands of Germany.

My grandfather worked for Clarke Chapmans in the North East and was a very capable mechanical engineer specialising in both electrical and lifting equipment, especially cranes, and branched out into his own business in the 1920’s. His father owned the Casebourne Cement Works in Hartlepool which was commissioned to build Hartlepool Harbour and was started by using the ballast from the coal boats returning from London until we discovered our own gypsum mine not far from Yarm. There is still a Casebourne Street in Hartlepool.

When the Second World War broke out the Berlin based truck and trolley manufacturer fled Germany and arrived in Southend as a refugee with the shirt on his back and his family. Being Jewish at that time in Germany was precarious, he was very lucky to escape. An arrangement was made to introduce him to my grandfather and together they set up Tyne, Truck and Trolley in a cellar in Newbridge Street in Newcastle upon Tyne. It then expanded on to 1st Avenue of Team Valley Trading Estate and it was there that I joined my father’s company in 1972 where he had taken over from the two co-founders. He put me through every department from the shop floor onwards including the accounts department where he said to me that when I could collect a debt without losing a customer, I could go and sell the products. I always enjoyed the survey and design side and the bringing together of machinery and material handling equipment to complete tasks. In the late 80’s and early 90’s the manufacturing of material handling equipment was hit very badly by the start of cheap imports and Tyne Truck & Trolley was no longer viable for this sort of work.

For the next 10 years I did interim management work building up my experience across a range of industries before starting Engineered Solutions in 1996.

When I first started my own business desktop computers were still in their infancy and very slow so I set about building a computer with a number of fast processors for drawings and graphics. At the same time I travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Far East finding new manufacturing bases so that my customers could benefit from the lower cost manufacturing facilities in other countries. This turned out to be a fraught area. Procedures and materials vary wildly on an international basis as do values and it took some time to be able to equate the engineering implications of these huge variations especially at the design stage.

Today Engineered Solutions has split out into three distinct areas. The products that we have pre-approved and authorised come from trusted sources through approved standards and many can be bought straight off the page from our 3500 item website which is still rapidly expanding. However only 2% of our capabilities are represented here and the vast majority of the real engineering, design, project and survey work takes place outside of this which you can see on our AsktheEngineer website where we attempt to answer day to day questions on these issues as well as provide inspiration for your own projects focused around material handling and storage systems. We also have a trade side for companies who themselves are involved in projects where they can partner with us for our engineering expertise or equipment supply from our approved sources to ensure the success of their own individual projects and installations.


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