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Lithium-ion power revolutionises Warrior Pallet Trucks from Handling Equipment UK

Lithium-ion power revolutionises Warrior Pallet Trucks from Handling Equipment UK

Handling Equipment UK

Following extensive design and development, the popular Warrior EP range of electric powered pallet trucks from Handling Equipment UK Limited now features lithium-ion LFP (LiFePo4) battery power. LFP is safer than earlier LiCoO2 batteries, longer lasting and more sustainable whilst offering well defined performance. Supplied as standard across all models bearing the Warrior badge, Li-ion (LFP) batteries ensure optimum power efficiency, super-fast charging and greater stability than traditional lead-acid batteries.

WR153 1The Warrior EP range of electric pallet trucks includes four models offering safe load carrying capacities from 1200kg up to 2000kg. Designed to be operator-friendly, these latest generation pallet trucks are used extensively throughout the UK’s logistics industry within distribution centres and warehouses. However, the flexibility and versatility of the range, has simplified numerous handling applications in factories, ports, retail outlets and many other environments where safe and reliable handling is essential.

Li-ion power is extremely flexible, offering high speed charging – 7% in 10 minutes and fully charged in 2.5 hours – plus opportunity charging instead of the usual cyclical charge profile. This 21st Century technology eliminates emissions and requires zero battery maintenance whilst ensuring extended battery life. Also, depending on model, Warrior EP electric pallet trucks may be supplied with interchangeable cartridge batteries to enable one set to be used while a second set is being charged. This is particularly useful when batteries are used to power lorry-mounted trucks which would otherwise require offloading from the lorry for battery charging to take place.

Warrior EP pallet trucks also offer a range of features designed to ensure uncompromising performance throughout the toughest working shift. These features include small turning circles for use where floor space is limited, a patented lightweight yet robust frame, simple low maintenance design and a convenient emergency stop switch for operator confidence. The low net weight is particularly important when considering an investment in lorry-mounted pallet trucks.

“These new Warrior EP pallet trucks are proving to be extremely popular with end users across a wide range of companies,” says Andy Williams, MD of Handling Equipment UK. “We are seeing rising demand not just from traditional storage companies but also from businesses that are experiencing growth in last mile delivery solutions. Whilst the humble pallet truck has been regarded as a ‘must have’ piece of equipment for many years, our latest Warrior EP Li-ion pallet trucks have raised the bar to a much higher level.”


Andy Williams
Handling Equipment UK Limited
Tel: 01384 423330
Email: andy@handlingequipment.co.uk

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