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LiuGong C-Series Forklift debuts at CeMAT 2016

LiuGong C-Series Forklift debuts at CeMAT 2016

As a full line of extreme duty equipment manufacturer, LiuGong is not only a leader in the wheel loader business, but also a rising star in the forklift filed. Now LiuGong has developed into the next level by adding new products to its forklift portfolio. From May 31to June 3, LiuGong C-series forklift will debut itself at CeMAT 2016.

Strong Power

The C-series forklift is equipped with Tier III EFI engine which provides strong output power and reduces emission under any condition. Electronic engine protection and programmable performance ensures less downtime of the engine. The quick response realizes smooth power delivery and the less vibration is produced thanks to greater idle torque.

LiuGong C-Series ForkliftStable Transmission

Full suspension type gearbox is adopted to reduce vehicle vibration. The three point mounting gearbox is more stable and it lowers the internal stress of the assembly. The aluminum alloy transmission offers better heat dissipation. Wet clutch structure has been improved to reduce the internal oil pressure and prolong the transmission life.

Efficient Hydraulic System

The load sensitive steering hydraulic system is applied to increase efficiency. Hydraulic system active cooling reduces oil temperature and improves the reliability of hydraulic components. Lift speed at idle has been improved by more than 40% and the maximum lift speed by 25%.

Optimized Brake

Optimized brake features with high performance friction shoe which is of better heat dissipation and long wear life. Foot brake effort is reduced by 15%. The brake master cylinder uses all aluminum alloy material to prevent corrosion. Brake pump with horizontal layout completely eliminates stagnant water corrosion.

Comfortable Compartment

The operation space of the C-series forklift is greatly improved. Compared with the CLG series, the leg space of C-series has been increased by more than 35%. Low step height eases entry/exit and contoured engine cover allows unobstructed entry/exit from the compartment. Cowl mounted hydraulic levers makes entry from the right side possible.

Small diameter steering wheel with knob allows comfortable operation with low force. Improved column adjustment mechanism needs less operation effort and the steer column is adjustable to suit the operator. Grab handle with horn button mounted on rear right pillar allows safe and comfortable reverse driving. Optional full suspension seat provides maximum comfort for the operators.

Intelligent Control

Three kinds of working mode selection, Economic, Standard, Power are available to meet the needs of different customers working in different conditions. The engine idling and the highest speed can be adjusted as required by the customers.

When the engine is started, the engine idle speed can be appropriately increased to preheat the engine faster, but the engine speed and the torque are limited before the engine oil pressure is fully set up to protect the key parts of the engine.

LiuGong DNA Appearance with Higher Stability

Featuring LiuGong DNA appearance, the improved design of C-series forklift offers both maximum visibility and stability. Through CAE analysis, stiffness has been increased by 10% compared to the last generation products. Large overlap design improves the stability by 15%. The integral structure design of the new frame, head guard and the counterweight improves the frame stiffness by 35%. Dampener installed between the axle and the frame reduces vibration. Tapered roller bearing is strong and durable extending life and increasing reliability.

Easy Maintenance:

External oil pump makes maintenance easy without disassembling the engine. Besides, external filter and the removable pedal allow easy access to fluid checks and maintenance for the customers. The open angle of the engine hood is over 85 degrees, maintenance becomes easy due to the open space.

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