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Live and friendly in the Cloud

With a new live dashboard and interactive maps, Deltion’s cloud computing CarrierNet Version 6 takes a leap forward in user friendliness, while also helping logistics operations to reduce their costs and improve their sustainability.

Deltion is rolling out Version 6 of its CarrierNet transport management solution, which continues to be delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This major new release takes a significant step forward in user-friendly features and visibility to identify empty running, which leads to environmental benefits and the ability to save money.

Among its many new features, CarrierNet Version 6 has a new realtime dashboard to give full visibility of what is going on in the transport operation with a live feed to events at depots and on trailers as they happen. The dashboard’s easy-to-read needle gauges and charts give a clear overview of important information on such things as empty running, load fill, asset utilisation, depot performance and load builds.

This feature builds on last year’s launch of Deltion’s Logistics Control Tower, which takes advantage of the latest Internet technology to provide a range of information in the form of dashboards and alerts to manage and control a logistics operation.

Akilen Pandian, Technical Director at Deltion, explains: "Because the live dashboard in Version 6 extracts information from the planning office as well as the database it will show planning changes in realtime for a genuinely live view of what is going on in the operation. This is a real innovation."

CarrierNet Version 6 features more advanced transport planning yet is even easier to use than previous versions. It has the ability to carry out planning across several depots concurrently, so enabling collaboration and identification of backhauls and shared resources within a company or transport network.

"This means that instead of taking a siloed approach, CarrierNet Version 6 identifies what is best for the company or network," says Pandian.

CarrierNet Version 6 makes greater use of interactive maps in planning, allowing users to not just see actions on a map but also to modify them on the map. For example, users can add modes, change resources and get instant indicators of whether the modifications will work to help avoid empty or low running mileage.

The live screen map allows a user to look at a route and gauge the efficiency of each part of it. A ‘traffic light’ ranking system will display a leg of the route in green if it is running at what the user has defined as full; it will show amber if there is a load on board that could be optimised; and it will show red when it is empty. Users can set their own parameters driving the traffic lights so, for example, fewer than 6 pallets means empty. In addition, the map identifies what loads are available around that route.

This gives the user the ability to eliminate an empty or part-empty leg interactively on the map, which will lead to lower costs and an environmental benefit from reduced empty running. "The user, seeing an empty leg with an order nearby can drag that order onto the route, which either accepts it or gives a warning that it might not work because, for example, of capacity constraints or the user maybe placing a frozen delivery onto an ambient truck," says Pandian.

CarrierNet Version 6 continues to be delivered as Software as a Service, which means users can gain competitive advantage from the benefits of this state-of-the-art transport management solution without the need for capital expenditure. Deltion has started rolling out the new version to current users and new users will go automatically onto Version 6.

"CarrierNet Version 6 will have a big impact on the market because it is extremely user friendly, which simplifies the operators’ job while its innovative new features will benefit on a senior management level by making it easier to run the business."

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