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Livelink satellite system brings customer benefits down to earth

Customers are set to reap the benefits of a new satellite monitoring system being introduced on the full range of JCB machines for the first time at Conexpo.

Called JCB LiveLink, the advanced telematics system offers the ability for improved performance and accurate monitoring. By plugging into the machine's own diagnostic system, JCB LiveLink provides a wealth of machine information, including hours worked, fuel consumption, temperatures and pressures.

One of the major benefits is the ability to better protect machines against theft – a feature which is also boosted by the introduction of immobilisation on JCB machines.

Among the key features of JCB LiveLink are:

Machine health monitoring
Machine tracking
The ability to set curfews
Receipt of service alerts

JCB Chief Operating Officer Matthew Taylor said: “JCB LiveLink provides our customers with an extremely high-tech system which will help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably by improving productivity and also by enhancing servicing.

“Coupled with the introduction of immobilisation on JCB machines, JCB LiveLink also provides an extremely powerful deterrent to thieves by making the machines harder to steal and simpler to recover when they are.”

JCB LiveLink, which will be provided in co-operation with North American telematic supplier Qualcomm, uses the latest telematics and satellite technology. A transmitter is fitted on to the machine which sends data via satellite and cellular networks to a database that customers can access through JCB's secure website (www.jcb.com) from anywhere in the world. The unit is hard wired into the machine's electrics, allowing critical machine performance data to be collected remotely.

Machine health monitoring
Customers can monitor the health of their fleet remotely. Data on the machine's health, such as engine oil pressure or water temperature, is taken from a selection of critical machine sensors. If one of these is activated, an alert will be sent immediately by email or by text. This will provide an early warning of a potential problem, thus avoiding costly repairs.

Machine tracking
JCB LiveLink will allow customers to monitor where all machines in their fleet are, whether the engine is on or off and when the engine was last on. Users can also click on each machine for a more detailed look at the hours of operation.

JCB LiveLink customers will be able to set a geofence around their machine for improved security. If the machine moves out of the designated area, an alert will be sent by either email or text. Alternatively, a geofence can be set when a machine moves into an area – perfect for alerting customers when it's close enough to a service centre.

Curfews can be set for every day of the week to specify the times when machines can be moved or when the engines can be started. If curfews are not adhered to, an email or text alert is sent.

Service alerts
Customers can set the number of hours for machine servicing and when one is due the system will alert the user next time they log on to the system.

JCB LiveLink benefits
The features of JCB LiveLink bring huge benefits as the system means a customer always knows where a machine is, making it much easier to recover after a theft. The enhanced security results in lower insurance premiums.

JCB LiveLink also gives customers an at-a-glance guide to the location and usage of every machine in a fleet, allowing work to be planned and managed more efficiently and more profitably. The system also brings dual service benefits: customers can set service alerts and in addition JCB dealers can monitor machines and use the data to guarantee timely servicing, providing maximum uptime.#

For plant hire companies the system provides a precise record of machine usage for more accurate invoicing. JCB LiveLink also provides customers with a complete picture of their fleet at any given time, allowing the identification of opportunities for greater productivity.

The LiveLink equipment can be purchased either with the machine from the factory, or as a retrofit system direct from JCB's dealers.

Offered separately from JCB LiveLink, the immobilisation system will work, depending on the machine, by isolating three electrical functions, such as the starter circuit, forward/reverse and fuel supply to the engine. These functions will only become operational by one of two methods: the use of a transponder key which is unique to the machine or by use of a standard ignition key and key pad located in the instrument panel, which requires the operator to enter a unique four digit identification code.

Immobilisation is available on all European-manufactured JCB machines as standard in western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is available as an option in other markets.

Tel: 01889 590312
Fax: 01889 593455
Web: www.jcb.com

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