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Load up for 2014 with the right loadling bay accessories says Thorworld

With the year nearly over, Thorworld Industries has made its suggestions for what companies need to ask ‘Santa’ for, in order to enhance the efficiency and safety of their loading bays.

It’s the time of the year when many companies are assessing their annual performance and preparing forecasts and budgets. According to Thorworld Industries, there is no better time to take a look at the effectiveness of the loading and unloading operation in order to determine what equipment a company needs to improve functionality.

"Just as children are busy writing letters to Santa, warehouse managers and health & safety professionals are lobbying their managing directors and financial controllers for the funds to enhance operational efficiency," explains John Meale, Managing Director of Thorworld Industries.

"The difference is that Santa only has to worry about keeping kids happy for one morning every year – in business, making the right decision can affect performance for the entire year and beyond," adds John.

With its status as a one-stop supplier of loading bay equipment and accessories, Thorworld Industries is well placed to advise companies on what they need to add to their Christmas list.

The key drivers, according to John Meale, are efficiency, speed and health & safety. "Should there be a perception that any of these elements are not up to scratch, it’s time to consider looking at the available options to see what can be done."

"Doing nothing is a false economy if it leads to excessive downtime, poor throughput or creates hazards for warehouse operators and other employees," confirms John Meale.

"We’ve seen too many companies over the years whose ‘make do’ attitude has quickly unravelled when an unanticipated setback has caused bottlenecks to their ability to take deliveries or supply products to customers."
Crucially, this need not be an expensive process; Thorworld points out that even low-cost accessories, if chosen well, can make a sizeable impact on solving problems and providing long-term benefits.

Many items of loading bay equipment are multi-functional, with cost benefits that far exceed the initial outlay. "For example, putting a seal or shelter over a loading bay can protect employees from the elements – reducing the likelihood that they’ll need to take time off due to sickness – but will also help to maintain a consistent temperature within the warehouse for reduced heating or cooling bills."

Ideally, the ‘Christmas list’ should be topped off with the industrial equivalent of ‘stocking fillers’ -items that often get overlooked but which should be regarded as essential.

"You may never notice the long-term cost savings that can be achieved by deploying simple, inexpensive safety aids such as signage and traffic lights, or restraint products such as alignment curbs or dock bumpers," explains John Meale. "Yet all it takes is a single accident before the company discovers the cost of NOT having these elements in place."

Thorworld’s message to warehouse and factory managers is simple. "By researching the needs of your loading and unloading area, and purchasing robust, effective equipment solutions that meet these requirements, you can improve efficiency and safety – and avoid being on your MD’s naughty list next year!"

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