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Loadhog wheels special New Dollies onto the stage

Loadhog, the award-winning, reusable packaging innovator, has recently launched wheeled Dollies which have been designed specifically to add benefits at every stage of the supply chain.

Achieving a lean operation relies heavily on handling efficiency, allowing users to move multiple and heavy payloads as capably and easily as possible.

With customer journeys changing, buying habits fluctuating and product popularities varying continually supply chains have never needed to be as versatile as possible right now.

As digital adoption increases, local stores have begun implementing home delivery distribution networks for groceries, causing a rise in the need for transportation aids and complete end-to-end packaging systems. As businesses also look to cut costs, and future proof their operations, their attention is focussed on improving efficiencies.

Whether for an application within the light and fast e-commerce world or a heavy-duty industrial operation a Loadhog Dolly can add significant value. It can be manufactured in recycled polypropylene making for a greener, more environmentally friendly transportation assistance.

The Dollies enable the safe, effortless movement of either 600 x 400 and 300 x 400 containers, crates or collapsible boxes. Most Loadhog Dollies will transport up to 250kg and the strongest deck will move a payload of up to 500kg.

The Loadhog Dolly-64-210 and 250 incorporate the uni-link feature which allows short side and long side linking to maximise the versatility of load movement.

Loadhog managing director, Shaun Khan commented: “At this time, the ability to manoeuvre a diverse range of goods from one end of the supply chain to the other is essential. More and more companies are utilising wheeled bulk containers and other more modular transportation systems.”

The Dolly can be combined with the Pallet Lid to create a mobile packaging system offering increased vehicle fill and return efficiencies in comparison with any roll cage.

Standard Loadhog Dollies can be customised with alternative wheel material, braked casters, customer colours, printed and embossed branding, labelling and RFID


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