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Locating and positioning pins a cheaper alternative?

With locating pins that can be configured to individual specifications, MISUMI is offering an economical alternative to application-specific in-house production. There are no shipping costs to be paid (within Germany), no small-volume surcharges and delivery times are comparatively fast — significant advantages when ordering small quantities.

In order to produce application-specific locating pins in house, a technical drawing must first be created; the job must then be prepared and the machine set up, then there is the production itself — whether just one pin is needed or one hundred. For example, if two different types of locating pin are needed for a specific application, they will, on average, only be finished and ready to fit 20 days later. If the manufacturer contacts MISUMI instead and orders from the online catalogue, the time taken will be reduced by 60% and the costs by up to 65%. The drawings are generated automatically based on the manufacturer’s particular specifications and can be viewed at any time as 3D or 2D CAD files. Orders are submitted with just a few clicks of the mouse and the custom-made locating pins delivered just eight days later. Ordering from MISUMI is especially cost-effective for small quantities, as no shipping costs are payable, there is no small-volume surcharge and delivery is faster than the competition.

For batch sizes that fall within the discount structure, the customer benefits from price reductions as well as fast delivery times.

Configurable to individual specifications
Individual configuration of locating and positioning pins is very simple. First of all, the user selects a basic form: in addition to the standard design, the MISUMI catalogue offers pins with internal or external thread, as well as set screws with circumferential groove, chamfer or a flat design. Seven basic conical and ball designs are available for the form of the guide component. For the shape of the pin, users have a choice between a round or diamond cross-section, large or small head and locating pins with or without shoulder. Material, surface treatment and hardness can then be selected, as well as a type number. Next, a decision must be made on the parameters to be configured. MISUMI offers three basic versions, for which the head diameter can be configured in 0.01-mm steps within a range from 1 to 30 mm:
a) Selection from a product range with pre-determined head diameter, standard lengths and pin diameters
b) Free choice of head diameter with pre-determined head and pin lengths and pin diameters
c) Head diameter and length and pin length can be configured to individual specifications

Once the user has selected a product, he can immediately view unit costs and delivery times in both the printed and online versions of the MISUMI catalogue.

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