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Lockout / Tagout solutions

Brady introduces a range of durable, easy-to-use lockout/tagout padlocks and devices for use in almost all mechanical and electrical applications. The new products have been designed to safeguard both employees and equipment by controlling hazardous energy in the workplace. Sturdy construction allows Brady's new products to withstand chemicals and corrosion and enables superior protection against any physical abuse or tampering.

In its Padlock range, Brady is offering two new families – the Safety, and the Steel ranges. The Safety Padlock, produced by Abus exclusively for Brady, is a lightweight device that is spark resistant, with a conductive body to enhance safety in electrical situations. The padlock is supplied in a 6-pin (reserved) cylinder and has a unique patented key way to protect workers from shock when inserting the key. Users can maintain 'exclusive control' over hazardous energy by placing their own lock on control points.

Next in the family is Brady's heavy duty laminated Steel Padlock, offering optimum durability in general security applications such as locking toolboxes and equipment cribs, amongst others. Benefits include a 5-pin cylinder, paracentric keyway with drill protection, and countersunk rivets. Zinc coating over the plates ensures superior rust protection.

To compliment its new padlock ranges, Brady has developed a number of innovative lockout products including the new All Purpose Cable Lockout – the only device of its kind to work with different cable types. With a lightweight body of impact-modified glass filled nylon, it can be used to secure a wide range of energy controls, including valves, disconnect switches and circuit breakers.

The new Universal Valve Lockout Device is now also available from Brady and is the only product in the market that enables most valves or levers to be locked out with a single device, eliminating the need for numerous conventional lockouts and reducing equipment costs. No other device can lockout as large a range of valve types and sizes. The compact size saves on storage space and makes easy for portability. This rugged device is made of industrial-grade and steel and nylon, ensuring durability.

The Mini Cable Lockout is a revolutionary new device which is a perfect match for a wide range of applications including disconnect switches. With a body constructed of impact-modified glass filled nylon, the lock offers superior resistance to chemicals, corrosion and temperature extremes. It can be used to lockout multiple energy sources with a single device, reducing equipment costs and speeding lockout activity.

Brady's lockout/tagout catalogue provides full details on the full line of products available, plus general information on lockout regulations and requirements. A full catalogue is also available. Alternatively, more information can be found at www.bradyeurope.com in the lockout/tagout section.

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