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Logistics companies can save thousands of pounds with new cloud services says industry expert

Logistics companies can save thousands of pounds by using cloud based applications to manage their business, according to the new CEO of a company that specialises in developing web based solutions for automating office tasks. David Claxton of Trivaeo made the comment when unveiling the company’s new cloud based business workflow package this month (February).

Set to be formally launched in March, the service provides six business applications that integrate the workflow between in excess of 50 different office tasks. Logistics companies will also be able to customise the new Crossroads service for their individual business requirements without any technical knowledge. To celebrate the launch, UK companies are being offered a month’s free no-obligation trial.

"Using cloud services to automate key office tasks such as CRM, HR, document management and service desk can completely transform an organisation, potentially saving companies thousands of pounds," comments David. "We know, because we have helped logistics businesses across the UK to do just that."

David’s comments are supported by a recent survey from the International Data Corporation (IDC) who found that most SMEs are able to lower costs by up to one fifth by using cloud based applications. However, UK businesses currently have a 20% lower usage of cloud-based applications than European companies, although reports predict a 30% annual growth in the industry during the coming years.

Developed for the global business community, Triaveo’s new cloud based suite of services is suitable to be exported to any country as the dictionaries within the core platform can be changed to suit any language. The company has already targeted key distribution and hosting partnerships in Europe, South Africa and Asia to ensure international circulation.

"One of the great advantages of the service is its portability," adds David. "Using the cloud, the service can be accessed from anywhere at any time – but only by authorised personnel, giving staff instant access to the information that they need."

Set up in 2009, Trivaeo initially provided bespoke web based business automation services for organisations of all sizes across a range of industries. "Companies have described the Trivaeo service as ‘The total game changer’ that helped them to ‘gain competitive advantage in their industry’," adds David. "Now this technology has been developed to provide the same competitive edge to any company, large or small."

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