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Logistics giant DHL Supply Chain successfully rolls out new Live Order Tracking System

DHL Supply Chain has successfully launched an industry-first technology solution which gives its consumer sector customers end-to-end visibility at individual line level.

The internally-developed bespoke web-based Live Order Tracking System (LOTS) is set to revolutionise the way that DHL staff and its customers view order information securely over the internet.

Andy Lightfoot, Regional Transport Manager at DHL Supply Chain, said: "We are extremely pleased to be launching this exciting IT innovation, which will bring complete clarity of delivery status to our customers without the need for them to make contact with us directly.

"LOTS provides an incredible level of ‘real time’ detail about an order by consolidating event information from multiple systems.

"In a nutshell this means that both DHL and the customer can see what’s happening with every product SKU (stock-keeping unit), at any stage of the logistics process, from order receipt, planning, picking, loading, dispatch and delivery, to confirmed receipt.

"As a result, our Customer Service Account Management teams and load planners can make more effective consignment decisions for customers throughout the day.

"It also allows for better load planning, helps reduce empty running miles and has already made a significant impact on operational efficiencies in the time it has saved on phone calls, thanks to the improved visibility of the fleet.

"The innovation incorporates GPS vehicle mapping so that we know a vehicle’s exact movements and location at the click of the button. Importantly, it also flags any load discrepancies from the point in time that the delivery is made, so that these can be addressed immediately."

Allan Butterworth Vice President of IT for DHL Supply Chain’s Consumer Sector said: "We have taken into account a large amount of feedback from our customers and invested a significant amount in leading technologies to ensure this system is very much at the cutting edge of logistics IT.

"The project has taken 12 months to develop and implement and we are confident that it significantly improves our distribution service and that it will boost not only our customers’ supply chain efficiencies, but those of their customers too.

"LOTS is now up and running with three of our largest customers and we look forward to working with them to develop the system’s capabilities even further.

"Harnessing the power of IT and advances in technology is crucial to staying ahead of the game in the logistics industry and this is a principle that we will always strive to realise at DHL Supply Chain."

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