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Logistics industry needs to overcome challenges of Cumbrian floods says CILT

The transport and logistics industry needs to overcome enormous challenges in order to sustain essential deliveries to Cumbria during the current induced emergency. However, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT (UK)) says that it is confidant that the flexibility and innovative skills of the industry will result in the continuous delivery of goods and services despite the inevitable delays, diversions and difficulties which they face.

CILT Chief Executive Steve Agg says ‘The disruptions to road and rail movements as a consequence of the flooding are self evident. And the region’s reliance on the complex and essential pattern of 1,800 bridges on both major and minor roads will, for certain, result in the necessity for substantial, time consuming, and costly diversions. Bridge and road closures generate massive difficulties for delivery vehicles. However, the logistics industry has, in the past, demonstrated its expertise in overcoming such problems.

‘This emergency once again illustrates the absolute importance of the transport and logistics industry in the daily life of the whole population. If you’ve got it then it has been inside the back of a lorry. Food, drink, clothes, building supplies – indeed all of the goods and material required to help relieve the current problems and to sustain daily life.

‘The people of Cumbria can be assured that the transport and logistics industry will most certainly be doing all that it can to maintain delivery services as close as possible to normal in these very difficult conditions.’

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