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‘Logistics is a great career for women’ says Anna Kozlowska, winner of the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Rising Star Award

A year on from her ‘Rising Star’ award, in a hard-hitting ParcelHero blog, Anna Kozlowska reveals why women are delivering in the delivery industry

In a passionate blog for international courier ParcelHero Anna Kozlowska, winner of the FTA everywoman in Transport & Logistics Rising Star Award 2014, has revealed why – contrary to stereotype – the logistics industry has many opportunities for women.

She says: ‘Logistics is a male dominated, old-fashioned industry based around slow, dirty trucks: that’s probably the idea of the logistics and parcel delivery industry held by most people. In terms of a career, many women would think ‘absolute nightmare’. But not me.’

Anna explains: ‘To me the logistics and transport industry is exciting, challenging, rewarding and, yes, fun! Even though as a little girl with pink bows in my platted hair I never dreamt of spending half of my life in warehouses and hubs, I’ve not looked back since I arrived into this industry in 2008, taking a job at The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

She continues: ‘Now I run my own marketing agency for logistics businesses, Myway Enterprises. Imagine the feeling of driving on a motorway and passing one of the trucks that carries your design, or launching a project with a customer who wins a prestigious award for it. The best feeling in the whole wide world!

Anna concedes: ‘It’s true that the majority of my customers are still male but all of them are very supportive and completely appreciate a woman’s point of view in their boardroom. Men and women work differently, manage people in different ways and look at things from a completely different perspective: but that is exactly that why we need more females in transport.

‘There’s a massive gender imbalance in the logistics industry and you’d be forgiven for questioning why a woman would want to work in such a male-dominated profession? However, the industry is really not just men in trucks. With social media changing our world, there’s a greater need now for more marketing and IT staff – the management of logistics is equally important to the operational side.’

ParcelHero’s Head of Public Relations, David Jinks, says: ‘As Anna reveals in her guest post the parcels and logistics industry offers many varied careers for women; small wonder so many of ParcelHero’s own team are, in fact, ParcelHeroines!’

For Anna’s full blog see www.parcelhero.com/blog/general/parcelhero-guest-blog-anna-kozlowska

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