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Logistics operator Hellmann invests in people with global talent programme

Celebrating the success of its first International Logistics Management and Leadership (ILM) programme, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is starting to recruit for the second course of its global talent scheme, which is run in association with the Deutsche Logistics Academy (DLA) and takes a strategic approach towards retaining talent in the organisation.

Since the first programme, only two employees have left Hellmann. 87.5% of candidates said the programme exceeded expectations. 62.5% said it would significantly support career development, and 75% said it had made a significant improvement to the way they do their job. 100% of candidates felt fully equipped to transfer new skills into daily business, and personal development met or exceeded all candidates’ expectations.

Twice a year for two weeks each year, throughout the two-year programme, candidates are sent to a regional HQ location (such as Germany, Miami or Hong Kong) where lectures, that have been structured module-by-module by Hellmann and the DLA, are attended. These cover a combination of leadership, sales, presentation, intercultural and project management skills, as well as supply chain management, which is the central focus and is taught by DLA lecturers.

Candidates are given reading and coursework, which has been set by the DLA and, in addition, the International Executive Board (IEB) sets various logistical problems for groups to solve with an allocated sponsor from the board. At the end of the two-year process, and after four modules, the European Logistics Academy (ELA), an external body, completes the assessment, and a pass or fail is awarded. The ELA accreditations were awarded to first phase candidates in February of this year.

Matthew Marriott, Commercial Director at Hellmann UK, said:
"The ILM gives us a clear performance management process centred around constant feedback, performance appraisals and goal agreements. It’s a way for Hellmann to identify and retain the most promising employees, but also a way for the employees themselves to develop and progress to exceptional levels within the organisation. In the UK especially, we see it as a way to develop our own skill sets and future senior management."

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