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London Lorry Route Approver updated to include all Olympic and Paralympic Games route restrictions

To assist hauliers and freight operators to cope with road closures and restrictions caused by the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the London Lorry Route Approver tool, operated by PIE has been updated to include all the changes affecting London’s road network this summer.

The online routing and approval tool, available at www.londonlorrycontrol.com/routes, automatically generates a compliant route specifically suited to the size of the vehicle, avoiding width, weight and height restrictions. The new restriction data also includes Olympic and Paralympic Road Networks (ORN/PRN), temporary banned turns, road closures, changes to direction of flow, road events and restricted areas.

Once a route is planned, the online system submits the route to London Councils for instant approval to operate on those routes during the July and August Games period providing routing around the Games restrictions and ensuring compliance with the London Lorry Control Scheme.

London Council has already made clear that the London Lorry Control Scheme will continue to be enforced during the Games, despite changes to the Excluded Road Network. (The ERN is an agreed network of roads which 18+ tonne vehicles can use for night time and weekend deliveries without fear of penalty).

"It is vitally important for hauliers to know what changes are being made to the road network, as existing approvals could cease to be valid and routes that would ordinarily be available could be closed off all together," said Freddie Talberg, Chief Executive of PIE Mapping.

"The Games will inevitably cause delays and problems for drivers across London, but for hauliers who already have to stay compliant with night time and weekend delivery rules, changes to the ERN add an additional challenge. That’s why we’ve updated the Route Approver to take away the headache and fear of being fined," added Freddie.

As a Games 2012 special, all new subscribers to the London Lorry Route Approver tool will get the Games data included as part of the standard subscription charge.

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