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Long awaited new hollow bore precision gear from Centra

Centa Transmissions has launched the new, hollow bore FINE CYCLO F2C-C precision gear for motion control, a welcome addition to the Sumitomo Drive Technologies FINE CYCLO range.

This new precision gear has a large hollow bore input shaft, which enables shafts, cables, pipes, wiring etc. to be threaded through the centre of the gear unit, making it ideal for robotic, turntable, satellite, radar, camera mount and other similar applications requiring this feature. This unit ideally suits the demand for a top quality, UK supplied, hollow bore motion control gear.

The new FINE CYCLO F2C-C comes with all the benefits of the existing FINE CYCLO precision gear range, plus the added feature of the new hollow centre.

It is ideal for use in all types of applications requiring high precision control and high stiffness and is the perfect solution where even greater specification and zero backlash are demanded.

The new F2C-C also provides the added advantage of input shaft bearing support, which enables the drive to be applied in a wide variety of permutations allowing engineers to ‘design in’ the full benefit of the new hollow bore feature.

Centa Transmissions gear division manager, Michael Sykes, says, “This new hollow bore FINE CYCLO gear is deliberately designed to deliver in a very demanding market and is particularly suited in applications where backlash must be fully eliminated, for example, machine tool, robotic and satellite tracking applications.”

It is maintenance free, the entirely sealed and greased ‘for life’ design eliminates the need for any further lubrication, therefore reducing production and maintenance costs.

The F2C-C comes in three sizes and complements the FA-Series and the FT-Series units. Designers and engineers can specify it for any precision application with absolute confidence.

All FINE CYCLO motion control drive units combine high strength and impact resistance with 500% shock load capability, low inertia and zero backlash design. They are easy to integrate and are ideal for situations requiring high rigidity and precision positioning, particularly in machine tools, robotics and automation equipment.

They can easily be adapted to allow primary drive from many sources including most electric motors and servomotors. When combined with servo motors they are ideal for applications requiring repetitive precision alignment, with excellent repeatability.

Sumitomo’s FINE CYCLO range is available as individual units or can be tailored into bespoke motion control solutions, where Centa has built an enviable reputation for combining quality, reliability and cost-efficient design solutions.

For more information about the FINE CYCLO range or any precision drive requirement, call Centa Transmissions on 01274 531034, visit www.centanews.co.uk or e-mail post@centa-uk.co.uk

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