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Lords call for mandatory carbon reporting standards

have been leading on a campaign for the introduction of such measures, gaining widespread support from major corporations, NGOs, over a hundred MPs and the Mayor of London.

During the Lords debate on Monday evening, it was argued that mandatory carbon reporting was a ?litmus test? of the Government?s serious in combating climate change, and that any further delay would not reflect the urgency of the problem. Lord Rooker, speaking on behalf of the Government, accepted the amendment outright, as opposed to holding a vote, due to the considerable support it received.

Aldersgate Group member, Lord Whitty, who tabled the original amendment, said: ?We need a proper system of accounting, supported by guidance and the accounting profession to ensure not simply that carbon is effectively traded on a verifiable and equitable basis but also to change the way in which companies behave?.

Andrew Raingold, Public Affairs Manager, Aldersgate Group, said: ?Its seems that the Government is finally waking up to the fact that the current lack of rules is impeding progress. The Lords overwhelming supported the need for greater openness in the reporting of company emissions, creating a level playing field in the process, and this vital piece of legislation should not be watered down in the Commons?.

In support of an Aldersgate Group letter to the Prime Minister in November last year, Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said: ?We need a clear and common standard so that we can track and compare CO2 emissions from businesses. We can still avert catastrophic climate change, but it will require very significant and immediate emissions reductions, which can only be achieved if all parts of society – governments, businesses and individuals – take responsibility for making their own contribution.?

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