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Loscam approved for chilled & frozen operations

Loscam has announced that Progressive have approved acceptance of Loscam pallets for their chilled and frozen business.

This approval follows Progressives acceptance in late 2011 of the Loscam pallet through its ambient distribution centres and the use of the Loscam pallet as its preferred platform for imported goods.

Foodstuffs have already approved the Loscam pallet for their ambient and temperature controlled distribution centres.

The Loscam pallet continues to make strong inroads into the New Zealand pallet rental market as it is a much better pallet to use in fast moving supply chain where 4-way access is critical. The Loscam pallet also has proven to be a much safer platform during loading and unloading as the pallet is configured to not tip when being handled by forklifts.

"We spent a lot of time talking with customers before we introduced our pallet into the New Zealand market. They told us they wanted a safer, faster to operate pallet. When we combine the benefits of the pallet with our world class customer service and management systems we have a truly unbeatable service offering in New Zealand, and the industry is voting by bringing their business our way" Says Nick Trask, Loscam’s New Zealand Business Manager.

"As our pallet is more stable when being handled, this has enabled our customers to safely load vehicles using the 1m face providing improvements in truck utilization by up to 20%. Now we can extend these benefits to those companies operating in the chilled and frozen space" says Nick.

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