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Lowering the cost of automation

Companies wishing to automate without the costs associated with sophisticated, high-end palletising and handling equipment need look no further than the PAL and AXO range of palletisers from Kosme Packaging. These machines allow mid-volume package and container companies to take that first step on the road to automation, a criterion of increasing importance in the modern competitive business arena.

The automation of palletising operations, while maintaining manually controlled pallet placement and removal, is a growing trend for packaging businesses of all types and sizes. While full automation costs have been traditionally daunting, the options now available at Kosme allow companies a cost effective route to improved performance, throughput and profitability.

The cost effective Kosme AXO 4 palletising robot, for example, is a purpose-designed, universal system that uses four axes of motion to transfer containers or cartons (which can be differently shaped) from a product infeed conveyor to one, two or three pallets, according to a pre-programmed positioning scheme. This labour-saving operation has proved time and time again to offer rapid return on investment for companies operating in sectors such as the food and drink, medicine and chemical industries. The gripping head of the AXO 4 has been specifically designed with customer products from these sectors in mind and in many applications is capable of multiple carton ‘pick up’.

The rigidity offered by the heavy-duty frame in combination with the smooth motion provided by the system’s brushless motors ensures accurate positioning, soft handling and quiet operation. The design comprises a vertical sliding carriage on which a two-piece articulated arm, featuring a rotating wrist unit, is mounted so that all orientations and stacking arrangements (up to 2200mm) can be catered for. Built according to CE regulation, the AXO 4 represents a strong and versatile palletising solution that can be easily adapted to operate in ‘space premium’ or harsh production environments.

For applications where semi-automatic operation is required at present, but fully automatic palletising is possible future requirement Kosme can offer potential customers its PAL MEC-ARM/SP, machine, which can be initially configured to use static floor mounted pallets that can be placed and removed manually when loaded. This low-maintenance machine makes use of sealed ball bearings or self-lubricating bushes throughout for transfer motion. The PAL MEC-ARM unit can however be uprated at a later date to include automatic delivery of empty pallets from a pallet magazine, automated layer card insertion and full automatic integration with a pallet stretch wrapper.

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