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Lowest exhaust emissions yet

From Nissan's new ECO range. Nissan has put the emphasis on safety, productivity and the environment with the launch of a major new series of ultra low emission lift trucks.

New engines designed and built by Nissan exclusively for its own lift trucks are at the heart of the new DX Eco models, so-called because of their low environmental impact.

Emissions from the diesel versions are almost imperceptible, while a new three-way catalytic converter now reduces up to 99 per cent of harmful emissions from LP gas models. Computerised engine management systems also guarantee that only the minimum quantity of fuel is consumed whatever the operation.

The new DX Eco engine range is available in six models from 1.5 to 3.2 tonne lift capacity in both diesel and LP gas. Lift heights are to seven metres.

Nissan has applied its Risk Reduction System to the series to ensure maximum operator safety. Here, features include its “full time” cushioned stability system to provide exceptional lateral stability for the truck and load. Unlike other systems, it cannot be turned off or over-ridden.

Other safety features within the Risk Reduction System include a mast lock system to prevent accidental operation. It isolates the mast and fork controls immediately the operator leaves the seat. An automatic “return to neutral” feature also returns the truck's transmission to neutral within three seconds of the operator leaving the seat with the truck in gear.

For greatest operator comfort, a unique “fully floating” cab reduces vibration in the cab to the minimum, while electronic fingertip controls provide for greater accuracy and less fatigue.

Nissan is believed to be the only forklift manufacturer to offer a three-way catalyst system – Tri-Cat Ultra – as standard with the LP Gas versions of all its engine trucks. A sophisticated “closed loop” electronics system is also integrated to provide a complete engine management function, monitoring and controlling the fuel-to-air ratio constantly whenever the engine is on, resulting in optimum fuel consumption and the lowest emission levels.

Made in Nissan's constantly expanding manufacturing plant in Spain, the DX Eco has been designed with European lift truck operators – and operations – in mind. So keeping the operator comfortable, safe and alert within an extremely manoeuvrable vehicle has been a principal consideration with the new series.

The entire platform incorporates the latest ergonomics and technology and is mounted on a unique four-point shock absorption system to minimise road and engine vibration. This fully damped “floating cab” reduces operator fatigue and so helps to increase productivity. The operator's compartment has also been given a decidedly comfortable automotive feel, with all components enclosed.

To minimise vibration carried through to the operator even further, pedals have been mounted to the floor of the truck and not directly to the transmission.

Auto-tilt fork levelling is available with the new range to ensure pin-point accuracy and greater productivity. The load can be positioned horizontally quite literally at the touch of a button.

For extended comfort, a clear-vision, factory installed cab is available with the new DX Eco. Wide, tinted glass doors and a unique, curved, panoramic windscreen reduce glare and give unparalleled all-round visibility.

A wide, open, step with non-slip surface together with grab handle allow easy access to the operator's workplace in all weathers. The floor is also covered with an anti-skid mat as standard.

Continuing the theme of operator comfort, the all-new suspension seat features hip supports and integral belt. It is multi-adjustable for weight and length, while the cab still offers generous headroom and legroom.

Instruments are housed in a single, automotive-type panel and are mounted to one side of the dashboard for unrestricted visibility and quick, easy identification.

Steering is power assisted, with a small diameter steering wheel for less effort from lock-to-lock and consequently less operator fatigue.

The wheel, which incorporates a large horn and self-cancelling indicator, provides ample adjustment fore and aft – including a memory function – and for height.

As part of the risk reduction system, safety of people and property are paramount in truck design, say Nissan, whether the vehicle is in operation or stationary.

So when the ignition key is turned, a large warning light on the dashboard confirms that the truck is in neutral. If the DX Eco has been left in gear, the engine will not start.

A non-ratchet, toggle-type parking brake is also incorporated, demonstrating positively that it is either on or off.

With all of the control levers for direction, lift and attachments located on the right hand side, the operator of the new Nissan can keep his left hand on the wheel spinner knob at all times. A single fingertip joystick controls lift and tilt functions simultaneously, saving time and operator fatigue, with the option of traditional long mechanical levers.

As the need to mount and dismount from the “wrong” side of a lift truck cannot always be avoided, a guard has been placed over the fingertip controls of the DX Eco to prevent the levers from being operated accidentally.

The new Nissan engines and high capacity hydraulic pumps put the DX Eco among the fastest and most productive in its class, with travel speeds for working on long stretches are up to 19.5 kilometres per hour, while lift speeds to seven metres are as much as 700mm per second.

The series has a particularly low centre of gravity for greater stability with heavy loads or for working on rough terrain.

For particularly arduous conditions, wide or double-tyred versions are available, together with a factory fitted sideshift to take advantage of minimum de-ration at high lift heights.

Nissan's extensive range of mast options extends with the DX Eco to include the unique three-stage “Optiview”. Here, Nissan have moved the two full free lift cylinders to the side, leaving nothing in the centre to block the operator's visibility.

Nissan has designed the exterior of the DX Eco with both style and functionality. The clear visibility top panel, which incorporates a rain guard for weather protection, is bolted and removable. In the event of damage it can be easily replaced.

Powerful halogen headlights, rear working lights, indicators and reverse warning travel bleeper are all supplied as standard. The headlights are guarded and rear lights have been inset in a cluster for protection.

Continuing the automotive theme which Nissan has applied to the design and operation of its trucks, even the diesel fuel filler cap is a ratchet-type to avoid overtightening.

Protection at the front of a lift truck is vital, and Nissan have fitted tough metal guards at the front of the series to shield its tilt rams,
while rubber boots on the rams prevent the ingress of dirt and cold into the cab.

Chains have been inset into non-metallic surfaces for lower noise, increased security and better visibility. To the side, air intakes are mounted high to minimise the intrusion of dust into the engine. A metal plate on the underside of the truck both protects from debris and minimises the downdraught which causes to dust at ground level to swirl into the air.

The DX Eco's steering axle has been developed in cast steel, for maximum strength, while its durable, aluminium radiator is produced with wide fin spacing to give the best heat dissipation. Here, the objective is to provide a truck able to operate under high temperature conditions when required and with an even longer life.

For service and maintenance, access is simplified to ensure maximum uptime. Removing just a single panel at a time reveals the most-needed components. For complete access to the engine compartment, a unique mechanism first lifts the hood and then rotates it backwards. For additional safety, the hood is also fitted with a micro-switch which cuts the engine as soon as it is opened.

With its all new ultra low emission engines and management systems, and the application of its risk reduction system, Nissan has set completely new operational standards with the DX Eco – from operator safety and comfort through to maximum productivity and minimum environmental impact. Nissan Forklift. Tel 0800 919968 e:forklifts@nissan.co.uk

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