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LPG supplier to fork lift truck users Flogas launch new points for prizes scheme

Suppliers to the fork lift truck industry are being given the opportunity to get their hands on MP3 players, laptops, cameras and LCD TVs as part of a new scheme launched by LPG supplier Flogas.

Flogas Rewards is a points based scheme that gives suppliers access to a wide choice of top brand name gadgets and audio visual equipment in return for passing on customer leads that convert into sales of Flogas LPG to fork lift truck users.

Registered suppliers are given access to the Flogas Rewards website where new leads from consenting customers can be uploaded on a regular basis. Each time a lead converts into a Flogas LPG sale, points are added to the supplier’s account which can then be redeemed against a selection of luxury items. Products currently listed on the Flogas Rewards site include a Canon digital camera, an 8GB Apple ipod Touch, a Sony Vaio laptop and many more.

Lee Gannon, Sales and Marketing Director, Flogas, said: "LPG offers a more economical approach to powering fork lift trucks than other available energy sources. As a cleaner burning fuel there is less wear and tear caused to the spark ignition system and other components, and as a result fork lift trucks powered by LPG are easier and less expensive to maintain. Flogas Rewards is our way of saying thank you to all of the fork lift truck suppliers who recommend us to their customers. It’s a win, win situation all round."

Unlike battery powered fork lift trucks, using LPG means there is no down time needed for recharging. LPG also guarantees a level of consistency, meaning that challenges such as steep gradients and extended shifts become a thing of the past. Depending on a customer’s needs and usage, LPG can be housed in a range of storage options, including above and below ground tanks, and a variety of cylinder sizes.

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