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LPR and Coca-Cola Enterprises cut carbon footprint by 15%
Adrian Fleming, managing director of LPR UK

LPR and Coca-Cola Enterprises cut carbon footprint by 15%

Between 2012 and 2015, LPR, one of Europe’s leading pallet pooling providers, reduced its emissions of CO2 from 672 to 576 tonnes, in line with Coca-Cola Enterprises’ CSR policy. This equates to a decrease of 15%.

With environmental issues at the heart of its business model, LPR looked specifically at the optimisation of its pallet transport flows to reduce its carbon footprint. In line with collecting, sorting, repairing and delivering one million pallets a year to the Coca-Cola bottling plants in the south of France, LPR created a strategic plan to improve its C02 emissions.

The company implemented three measures focused on reducing emissions to ensure goals were met. The main areas targeted over the three years were pooling of transport resources, a better management of return flows and an improved pallet-loading rate. The application of all of these processes enabled LPR and Coca-Cola Enterprises to achieve the target they jointly set.

Adrian Fleming, managing director of LPR UK, said: “We are thrilled to announce this significant reduction in CO2 emissions. We’re passionate about caring for the environment and focus on continuous improvement in this area across the business. We used our expertise in this field to ensure we met our targets and it’s great to see the hard work has paid off. It was a pleasure to help a trusted partner achieve something positive and we look forward continuing to improve our carbon footprint in the coming years.”

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