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LPR suggests positive outlook for UK retail in 2016

LPR suggests positive outlook for UK retail in 2016

Adrian Fleming, UK managing director of Europe’s second largest pallet pool operator, LPR, is looking forward to a positive 2016.

“While Britain’s financial markets – and those globally – may have got off to a tough start in 2016, there is much for the retail and manufacturing sectors to remain optimistic about.

“Indeed, the UK enjoyed record-breaking performance on Black Friday, with sales breaking the £1bn mark for the first time. Sales over the weekend including Cyber Monday reached a peak of £3.3bn. The Christmas and New Year sales have also been strong, with many retailers enjoying an overall increase in profits despite the difficult economic circumstances.”

Fleming continues: “In the midst of a global slowdown, which has seen falls in the Chinese stock markets and a reduction in bulk raw materials being shipped around the world, it is important that manufacturers and retailers focus on the areas where they can have some control, such as their supply chain.

“Certainly, one of the challenges of the recovery is around ensuring we have the right people and infrastructure in place to deliver on the increasing requirements of the savvy and well-informed consumer. This means understanding, for example, that the humble pallet, often overlooked in the busy logistics environment, has a huge role to play in ensuring we are able to get goods from A to B in an effective, efficient and environmentally-responsible manner.

“The quality of pallet in a heavily automated environment – and the quality of the overall supply chain service – have a key role to play in keeping the economy moving. Combine this quality factor with concerns around supply chain costs and transparency, and it is clear that the choice of pallet supplier can contribute to business success in a challenging economic environment.

“Looking forward through 2016, the challenge – and the opportunity – for manufacturers and retailers is abundantly clear. Not only is it important to listen to the market signals and the changing demands of the consumer; taking charge of your supply chain and putting in place a robust pallet solution can pay exceptional dividends.”

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