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LSS return to Ekeri for low maintenance high cube security

LSS return to Ekeri for low-maintenance, high-cube security

Logistical Support Services have added a high-cube EXIII EKERI trailer to their fleet. This not only marks 10 years since taking delivery of their first EXIII EKERI trailer, but also will be the first of its kind in the UK and possibly Europe.

Phil Stone, Managing Director at LSS, says that in December 2009 the company bought two single side-loading box trailers that were fully ADR compliant and designed for the carriage of ADR Class 1 cargos. They were so impressed, that the company purchased four, double side-opening trailers over the years that followed, and in the process LSS have amassed the largest commercial fleet of EXIII EKERI trailers in the UK.

“The first trailers are 10 years old” he says “and quite literally, look the same as the day they were delivered. Almost no problems at all and virtually maintenance free.”

Since then, and with their latest EXIII trailers, plus a further one expected in August 2019, LSS will have 7 side-opening Ekeri trailers in their 30-strong vehicle fleet.

“As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.” Continues Phil, “Spend a bit more up-front for the superb build quality but save over the long term on maintenance and general running costs. Plus, as all our work is for the defence industry, these highly secure trailers are ideal. We have the loading versatility of a curtainsider but with the security of a box trailer and more.”

Trailer security is key to Logistical Support Services, so not only does the company rely on the quality and strength which they say comes with each Ekeri trailer but also, each one is fitted with EkeGuard – Ekeri’s own, telematics high security system.

“GPS tracking enables us to monitor any unauthorised intrusions. Also, each trailer has remote central locking and alarms. Even if someone did manage to penetrate our trailer security – which is most unlikely – we would know about it right away.”

Now in its 22nd year, LSS is recognised as a leading provider of specialist handling to the military and defence industry markets. From the Arctic Circle to countries throughout Scandinavia and Europe the year-round logistics service ensures secure movement of sensitive defence cargo.

“Above all”, concludes Phil Stone “this is about high quality and excellent back-up support. With Ekeri, we are guaranteed these things and in turn, our customers are guaranteed the unmatched security and reliability upon which our reputation is built.”

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