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Luxus showcases polymers with evolutionary oomph!

UK leading plastics compounds solution provider, Luxus will be showcasing its latest evolution in high performance, yet cost efficient thermoplastic polymers for the global automotive, grocery retail logistics and waste management sectors on stand BO13 at PDM, 18th-19th June 2013.

Luxus was the first UK producer to develop interior recycled grades for car manufacturers and today, has continued its evolutionary path by developing leading edge solutions to satisfy increasingly diverse market needs which will be illustrated on its stand at PDM this year.

Independent research has forecast that ‘over the next decade plastics will comprise up to 18 per cent of the average vehicle weight, up from 14 per cent in 2000*. For optimum fuel efficiency, car manufacturers are increasingly using more sustainable lightweight plastics to satisfy emissions targets, to reduce their eco footprint and most importantly, to drive down costs as margins reduce.

Peter Atterby, Managing Director, Luxus said: "In response to a tough economic climate car manufacturers have to develop vehicles that are not only affordable, but also comply with increasing stringent regulations which means materials development has been brought into sharp focus.

"As solution providers we are being encouraged to further our materials research to create innovations that directly impact on the bottom line while still delivering the same trusted quality performance.

"For example we have developed Hycolene™, a lightweight polymer that will significantly lower the weight of the average car and CO2 emissions. Hycolene™ has been designed to replace standard talc filled grades for car interior components, offering a reduced filler content without compromising on either performance or design. It also delivers excellent scratch resistance to improve the driver’s experience and a high recycled content of up to 60 per cent, so it’s sustainable too."

Hycolene™ has already achieved its first stage approval with a number of automakers and was presented by invitation at the international auto conference VDI recently. Luxus is now expanding its marketing of this product into other areas where light-weighting is important for aesthetic and environmental efficiency reasons.

Its development is the result of 30 years auto industry expertise and the company’s unique in-house Technical Centre which is being significantly expanded into a new state of the art facility opening this summer. Not only will the Technical Centre help Luxus to stay ahead of emerging markets, but it will also enable it to meet current challenges too such as cost reduction and adding value to its suppliers, as it aims to support the overall design process as it moves up stream.

Research is also being undertaken to find a solution to meet an entirely different market need. Luxus has been offering a ‘closed loop’ recycling service for large grocery retailers for some years now to sustainably manage their ‘end of life’ bread baskets. It had become increasingly apparent that bread basket loss and theft is a major concern resulting in significant costs.

Luxus is now working to address this issue by introducing new technically advanced additives to its polymers for leading UK baker, Allied Bakeries. The aim is that the bread baskets will be easier to trace if lost or made less desirable to secondary materials markets.

Peter Atterby continues: "It’s our aim to continue our evolution by offering the markets we support progressive solutions that deliver strong performance, cost and sustainability benefits for all our clients."

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